Inside Cameron Mathison’s Marriage to Wife Vanessa Arevalo

Getty Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Arevalo attend the American Humane Association's 5th Annual Hero Dog Awards 2015 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2015.

Cameron Mathison, Hallmark star and host of Home & Family, has been married to his wife, Vanessa Arevalo, since 2002. Arevalo had been a model, but decided to stay home with the children after their first child was born. Mathison can’t stop talking on social media about how thankful he is for Arevalo.

1. They Have Two Children

On Christmas Day, Mathison shared a photo of him, his wife, and their two children in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Son Lucas was born in 2003 and daughter Leila was born in 2006.

Their daughter Leila appeared on Home & Family with Mathison in mid-December to help bake his mother’s sugar cookie recipe. “My baby is growing up,” he shared on social media.

Their son, Lucas, went on a trip to the Grand Canyon with Mathison in June.

2. He Often Talks About How Thankful He Is for His Wife

Mathison often shares photos of Arevalo on social media and talks about how thankful he is for her. She even joined him on Home & Family in October.

They dressed up with an Addams family theme for Halloween.

3. They Fell in Love on a Ski Trip After Meeting at a Gym Years Earlier

In July, they celebrated their 18th anniversary. Mathison shared that they had fallen ikn love on a ski trip. He wrote: “This photo was taken in Squaw Valley ski resort in 2000. We were dating and living on separate coasts and Vanessa told me she was taking a month off work to ski around the country! I was blown away… and met her on her trip and we fell in love.”

He said they first met at a gym in 1998, but it took them a while to go out on their first date.

When Mathison proposed to Arevalo, they were on the summit of Vail Mountain in Colorado. He told Your Tango that they fell in love on a ski trip, so he wanted the proposal to reflect that. They were married six months later and she was pregnant two weeks after that, he told Soap Opera Digest.

4. She Said Her Transition to Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Wasn’t Easy

Arevalo had worked as a model before she and Mathison married and had children. After she had their first baby, Arevalo became a stay-at-home mom. She told People that the transition was tough but worth it.

She said: “I didn’t have friends who were moms. I think that was another reason why I was kind of like had a hard time with the transition. So, slowly as I became friends with more moms, I started figuring out my “place,” then it all felt natural and now it’s just the greatest and most rewarding thing.”

In 2008 she partnered with Niccole Kroll to start the KEA+JOBY clothing line, People reported.

5. They ‘Roll with the Punches’ as a Couple

Marriage isn’t always easy, but they roll with the punches as a couple. She told People that their motto as a couple is to roll with whatever happens in life.

She said: “When things come up we just kind of figure it out, there’s no formula, we just roll with the punches. You just have to be so flexible.”

They had to live by that motto when he was on Dancing with the Stars and away from home a lot. She told People that she’d fly out to Los Angeles to see him every week for three months, and it was brutal.

“I wanted to be home as much as possible, because Cameron wasn’t there for those three months,” she said. “But I also wanted to be there to support Cameron on the night of the dancing.”

Then when Mathison was diagnosed with cancer, they had to take that same stance again. He’s now fully recovered and cancer-free since late 2019, but he was really nervous when he first told Arevalo about the diagnosis. Mathison told Us Weekly that that Arevalo reacted amazingly.

“Her first reaction was, ‘You know, we got this. We’re going to beat it,’ he said. “Those are the moments you never forget your whole life.”

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