Candace Cameron Bure Says Her New Christmas Movie Is With a Dream Co-Star

Crown Media Candace Cameron Bure in "If I Only Had Christmas."

In a recent interview, Candace Cameron Bure shared hints about her co-star in her upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie for 2021. Now fans are trying to guess who that mystery actor might be.

She Said She Will Be Filming with Her Dream Co-Star This Year

In an interview with Us Weekly, Bure was asked, “Do you have a dream Hallmark co-star?” Here’s her answer:

I actually kind of have had one and, this is exclusive, I am not going to tell you who it is, but I’m getting him for my Christmas movie this year.

She later ruled out one possible co-star, when she shared who her grandmother’s dream co-star is for her.

“My grandmother’s dream is for me and Andrew Walker to do a Hallmark movie together,” she revealed.

It looks like her dream co-star is going to be someone she never starred in a movie with before, based on how her answer was worded. If that’s true, it would rule out many previous co-stars like Warren Christie, Luke Macfarlane, or Eion Bailey.

Some Fans Are Speculating Her Co-Star Will Be Brennan Elliott

Although there’s no indication of who she will be starring with, some fans are guessing it’s Brennan Elliott. On Twitter, Elliott revealed that he would be starring in a Christmas movie this year with a “special lady who I’ve never worked with before.”

This cause a lot of speculation among fans, many of whom are hoping that “special lady” is Bure.

He also shared a clue on Instagram, but that post is now deleted. You can still see people talking about it on Twitter.

Bure Also Talked About Her Favorite Movie & the Leading Man She Had the Most On-Screen Chemistry With

When asked in the same interview with Us Weekly which of her leading men she has the best on-screen chemistry with, Bure said, “I do have to say with Warren Christie, who was in my movie from last year, I loved working with him and we do have another movie planned that we’re gonna work on together again. That’s how great it was.”

When asked if she prefers movies where the kiss is left until the end or movies where there’s a kiss earlier in the film, she said she likes both.

“We’ve done so many where we wait to the end, I just think that we’ve gotta sneak one in and maybe that’s where it’s, ‘Ohhhh, maybe it didn’t work,'” she said. “But no, it really does work!”

When asked if she prefers actual magic in her Christmas movies or more of a magical sentiment, she said she prefers both.

“I really like both. Which if you notice in my movies, it’s kind of one or the other,” she said. “It’s either gonna be the magical element, like ‘A Shoe Addict’s Christmas.’ … But I really love the sentiment (too.) I love the heartwarming stories. I loved ‘A Christmas Town’… And a ‘Journey Back to Christmas’ as well… But I have to say, I think my all-time favorite, I always go back and forth, but I think it’s ‘A Shoe Addict’s Christmas’ for me. Also working with Jean Smart was an unbelievable experience. She’s phenomenal.”

During the interview, Bure also talked about how she and Marilu Henner lived together while shooting their recent Aurora Teagarden movies.

“She is the spunkiest woman I know,” Bure said. “I learned so much from her…She keeps me laughing and keeps me on my toes. She is way spicier than I am. … Marilu’s 69 and she … makes me blush all the time.”

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