Why Candace Cameron Bure Says Her Marriage Is Getting Tested

Getty Candace Cameron-Bure arrives at the Los Angeles special screening of Hallmark Channel's "A Christmas Love Story" at Montage Beverly Hills on October 21, 2019.

Candace Cameron Bure recently spoke out about the pandemic and all the changes it’s brought to her life. The Hallmark star opened up about how quarantining for the pandemic was testing her marriage.

She Said the Quarantine Showed Her That She Was Away from the Family Too Much

GettyValeri Bure and actress Candace Cameron-Bure attend the Capitol File’s WHCD Welcome Reception in 2016.

Candace Cameron Bure told Us Magazine that the pandemic was testing her marriage in a good way. She said that she and husband Valeri Bure traveled a lot normally, and spending more time together during quarantine had really grown them as a couple.

She told Us Magazine:

I’ll be honest because we try. We both travel so much. So we were like, ‘This might be the most amount of time we’ve actually spent together in years. This is either going to make us or break us.’ And you know what? It’s made us… I’m really grateful that it’s the one thing that I can look at 2020 — as crazy as this year has been and difficult — and I’m so grateful for my family time because I’ve reevaluated my work schedule, the time that I’m away from my family, and realized that that was not a good balance for me. So I’m thankful that it happened in that way because it’s made our relationship stronger.

She said that by being together so much, they had started focusing on what was working well and what they needed to work on. By evaluating these things and spending more time together, their relationship has grown stronger. And now she knows that she needs to spend more time with her family overall.

Cameron Bure added that before the pandemic, she and her husband were sometimes “two ships passing in the night” because of their busy schedules. So she’s really happy now to spend more time together and to have her children back in the home after becoming an empty nester.

She Said She Advised Her Newly Engaged Son To Keep Dating Through the Whole Marriage

Cameron Bure’s son, Lev Bure, recently got engaged. Cameron Bure told Today that she gave him some advice, including to keep having fun together. She said she told him: “Keep dating each other through the whole marriage, keep having fun together.”

She recently posted a photo to Instagram with her husband that caused some controversy because some people thought they were showing too much PDA. Cameron Bure said she was surprised by the reaction, and they were just having fun.

“You don’t have to stop flirting and stop having fun because you’ve been married. That’s part of what keeps the marriage going,” she said.

Cameron Bure told Us Magazine that she wants to be there unconditionally for her son, Lev Bure, and his fiancee Taylor Hutchison. “We will want to be a part of [their] lives, want to be a part of the grandkids’ lives. I don’t want to do anything to rock the boat. I just want to be there to support,” she said.

She also joked about being excited to be a “hot grandma” one day.

“It is so exciting to me,” she told Us Magazine. “I can’t wait until the day I do become a grandma, whether that’s a few years or five years or 10, whatever, I love children.”

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