‘Christmas with the Darlings’: Where It’s Filmed & Behind-the-Scene Photos

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The Hallmark Channel’s 2020 Countdown to Christmas movie, Christmas with the Darlings, first premiered in November and now airs encores in 2021, including at 8 p.m. Eastern on June 4. This new movie will also air encores numerous times during the Christmas season. The movie is about a woman who helps her boss’s younger brother look after his orphaned nieces and nephews over the holidays. This movie starring Katrina Law and Carlo Marks is sure to pull on some heartstrings.

The synopsis for the movie reads: “When an assistant gives her final notice, she is drawn into helping the charming, younger brother of her wealthy boss as he looks after his orphaned nieces and nephew through Christmas.”

The Movie Was Filmed in Canada, Including Vancouver

This movie was originally known as A Family Through Christmas. The movie wrapped filming in early September. According to UBCP’s production list, it filmed August 10 through September 1.

According to Anthony Bolognese’s Instagram, who plays the young boy in the film, the movie was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. He tagged one of his posts about the movie as #WhatsFilminginVancouver.

Here’s another behind-the-scenes look at the beautiful scenery while filming.

Madeline Hirvonen shared a photo from the same scene.

She said it had been a long time since she and her sister had worked together on a movie.

And here’s another photo from August:

Script supervisor Sarah Ziolkowski shared what it was like to go back to work with so many COVID-19 protocols in place.

You can read her full post below.

She said that she was in isolation for five months and had only left the house to get groceries before filming started. She said, “After 5 months, it feels good to be around your tribe again. Even though I’m pretty good by myself and enjoyed the time off, I can’t deny I missed these days once #productions had started rolling again.”

She said they wore masks all day with color codes, and kept distanced as much as they could. Breakfasts and lunches were pre-ordered for the week and put in boxes for each department. She said she brought her own snacks and drinks to be even safer, along with her own COVID safety kit.

“We sanitize our hands and equipment regularly during the day, and a special Covid-staff keeps an eye on us,” she wrote on Instagram.

Meet the Cast

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Katrina Law stars as Jessica. Her previous credits include Hawaii Five-0 (Quinn Liu), Arrow (Nyssa al Ghul), The Oath (Karen), Zeroes, Sacred Lies (Stephanie Bailey), Darkness Rising, Training Day (Rebecca Leee), Lemon Cove, 12 Gifts of Christmas, Spartacus, The Resistance, Legend of the Seeker, The Rookie: CTU, and more.

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Carlo Marks stars as Max. He’s perhaps best known for his role on Chesapeake Shores as David Peck. His many other credits include The 100 (Cillian), The Flash, Moonlight in Vermont, Scarecrow, Smallville, Stargate Universe, and more.

Crown MediaKatrina Law, Steve Bacic

Steve Bacic stars as Charles. His credits include Virgin River (Wes), Supernatural, The Order, Garage Sale Mysteries (Jason), Mystery 101, Once Upon a Christmas, Taken, Arrow, A Joyous Christmas, Wonder, Hit the Road, Aftermath, Second Chance, The Bridge Part 1 and 2, The 100, Spooksville (George Freeman), Republic of Doyle (Craig), and more.

Crown MediaAnthony Bolognese, Carlo Marks, Katrina Law, Madeline Hirvonen, Islie Hirvonen

Anthony Bolognese (far left) stars as J. Henry. He’s starred in A Million Little Things (Liam), Christmas Under the Stars, Supergirl, Ghost Wars, Falling for Vermont, Supernatural (Young Dean Winchester), All Things Valentine, A Gift Wrapped Christmas, and more.

Madeline Hirvonen (second from the right) stars as Abby. Her credits include 50 States of Fright, D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow (Pippa), Lost in Space, V.C. Andrew’s Heaven, Llama Llama, Travelers, While You Were Dating, and more.

Islie Hirvonen (far right) stars as Emma and she’s also the sister of co-star Madeline. She’s starred in Pup Academy (Pom Pom), Llama Llama (Nelly), The Flash (Grace Gibbons for eight episodes), Deadpool 2, Cooking with Love, the Christmas Snowman, While You Were Dating, Wayward Pines, and more.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Morgana Wyllie (Zoe)
  • Brenda Matthews (Mrs. Brooks)
  • Robyn Bradley (Lena Salazar)
  • Quinnie Vi (Kate)
  • James Yi (Mr. Lee)
  • Stephen Adekolu (Brad)
  • Jag Bal (Hal)
  • Arthur Corber (Gus)
  • Tom Pickett (Phil Bixby)
  • Cameron MacLeod (Delivery Guy)

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