Inside Danica McKellar’s Marriage to Husband Scott Sveslosky

Danica McKellar and Scott Sveslosky

Getty Danica McKellar and husband Scott Sveslosky in 2019.

Hallmark star Danica McKellar and her husband Scott Sveslosky have been married since 2014. McKellar once said that meeting her husband was a true example of love at first sight. She often posts loving messages about her husband on social media, sharing how happy she is to be with him. They recently celebrated their anniversary.

Here’s what you need to know about Scott Sveslosky.

1. McKellar Met Her Husband Two Years After Her Divorce

McKellar was married in 2009 to Michael Verta, a composer. They had a son together — Draco — who was born in 2009. In 2012, McKellar and Verta divorced citing irreconcilable differences, People reported.

McKellar and Sveslosky got engaged two years later in 2014 in southern England and were married in Hawaii later that same year. Here’s the photo she shared when she announced her engagement to the world:

She shared on Instagram that they were married at 6:30 a.m. as the sun was rising over the Kauai mountains. It was a small ceremony with just 17 family members in attendance.

Once when he visited her on set while she was filming a movie, she wrote on Instagram: “Marriage isn’t easy – this is a second marriage for both of us, so we both know not to take anything for granted – and I sure am fortunate to have a partner who understands the importance of setting aside time to be together. Here’s to gratitude!!”

McKellar told Country Living that being divorced help her appreciate her marriage so much more. She said: “Part of the reason why I’m so good at being able to appreciate [Scott] is because I have been divorced. I did go through that thing where you think it’s forever and you think you made the right choice and you think everything’s great and then it really isn’t and you were really wrong. I don’t want to be wrong again.”

2. Scott Sveslosky Is an Attorney & Used To Be a Model

While Sveslosky stays out of the spotlight quite a bit, he has a thriving career of his own. He’s an attorney and partner at Sheppard Mullin in Los Angeles. According to his bio, his practice focuses on insurance litigation and representing insurers in bad faith cases. He’s also a contributing editor to Rutter Group’s Insurance Litigation California Practice Guide. He also represents complex commercial litigation cases and is involved in pro bono work.

Sveslosky is on the board of the Global Hunger Foundation and he’s an adjunct professor at Woodbury University. According to his LinkedIn bio, he graduated with a J.D. from USC Gould School of Law and received his bachelor’s in public administration from the University of Southern California.

McKellar told Country Living that Sveslosky also used to be a model. “I thought, ‘Okay, well, a nice guy—that’s really what I want. He doesn’t have to be a model or anything.,’ she said. “But turns out, he did used to be a model. He’s everything. He’s the sweetest guy ever.”

Sveslosky was married before McKellar and has a son, Hunter, from his previous marriage. McKellar told Closer Weekly that their sons get along great. She said: “We’re raising them alongside each other. Watching their friendship develop, they just play and have so much fun. What a blessing!”

3. She Said Meeting Sveslosky Was Love at First Sight

McKellar told Country Living that when she and Sveslosky first met through friends after talking on the phone several times, it was love at first sight for her.

“We’d been talking on the phone for a little bit and my favorite book is The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra,” she said. “And he’d brought it with him and underlined his favorite parts. I just already loved him and was smitten from the moment I sat down.”

In an Instagram post shared in November 2019, McKellar wrote that he’s incredibly supportive of her busy schedule. She said: “Scott, thank you for being the most wonderful husband – so supportive & understanding with my crazy movie/book schedule, and eternally romantic. I’m so grateful for you, my real-life Hallmark hunk!!”

McKellar told Country Living that the key to a happy marriage is to keep doing things together. She said: “It’s not always easy, it’s not totally perfect, and my secret to a happy marriage is: Keep working on it. Keep doing stuff. Keep making your partner feel special. Keep going, and don’t stop. And when you do stop, then double your efforts because you let your side down for a minute. And just be grateful. Don’t take it for granted, because it could be gone.”

4. They Tried To Have a Child Together But Couldn’t

McKellar told Closer Weekly that she and Sveslosky tried to have a child together, but couldn’t.

“We actually tried, but it didn’t happen, and that’s OK,” she said. “I have such a great relationship with my son. I’m 44, a little on the older side, and we’re not not trying. Who knows? I joke with Scott, if we’re not going to have a kid, maybe we should open a foster home!”

5. They Celebrated Their Anniversary in November & She Wore the Same Dress That She Wore When They Got Engaged

The couple celebrated their anniversary in November. For this anniversary, McKellar wore the same dress she was wearing when they got engaged, and he wore the same tie.

She shared on Instagram her excitement about her husband and how they’re still very much in love. She wrote: “Belated anniversary dinner this weekend! 🎉 Fun fact: I wore the same dress I got engaged in over 6 years ago – and he wore the same tie. 🥰 I’m so grateful for this blessed marriage I’m in, and that we were able to dine at a beautiful outdoor restaurant. Thank you, @pelicanhillresort for a wonderful 6th year anniversary celebration! (And see my instastories for some of our food. 😋)”

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