Hallmark Star Dylan Neal Is Leaving the Country

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Dylan Neal is leaving the United States. The Hallmark star shared on Instagram that in the near future, he and his family will no longer be living in Los Angeles. Instead, they’ve chosen a more exotic location.

Dylan Neal & His Family Are Moving to Portugal

Neal had been hinting about his big move on Instagram for a while, but he finally announced the destination: Portugal. He and his wife aren’t just going there on vacation. This is a permanent move.

Neal shared on his post that he and his family will be living in Lisbon close to the ocean, just like they’re close to the ocean now in Los Angeles.

Beck, the kids and I are really excited about this next chapter. This will be my 3rd country (Beck’s 4th) that we’ve lived in and we feel privileged to be able to expand our children’s minds and opportunities and expose them to many different cultures and experiences

He wrote: “Whether it’s the world-class beaches of the Algarve (those caves!), or Lisbon, Porto, Braga or the Silver Coast – Portugal and its citizens make it such an inviting and beautiful country.”

Neal sounded excited about his new journey, writing:

…After August – you’ll find me drinking a little Douro in one of the countless alley cafes in the historical Chiado district with string lights twinkling overhead or maybe sipping an espresso at a seaside cafe with the same ocean view that heads of state, royalty and some of the worlds most famous explorers have gazed upon for centuries. It’s time for adventure and opportunities my friends and I wish nothing but happiness for you all – and remember, the guest room is waiting… ❤️

He had previously shared a number of photos on Instagram and talked about how excited he was about this big move.

He wrote: “Guess who’s moving to Europe?! Beck and I have always wanted to live abroad and planets have aligned to let that happen. Can you guess from these photos which country we’re moving to? There’s a few that are dead give aways to anyone whose been there. More to come… #adventure #carpediem”

Molly McCook replied, “We’ll just go ahead and start planning our trip now,” and Neal replied: “You better! The FOOD Molly…! 😱😱😱🍷🍷❤️”

He’s Not Retiring & Has a New TV Series in Mind

Neal shared on Instagram that he’s not retiring and he has several people interested in a TV series about the Hillary Greene detective novels written by Faith Martin. He and his wife, Becky Southwell, optioned the novels, but the new series won’t be picked up by Hallmark. Instead, it will shoot in the UK.

He wrote: “That won’t be a Hallmark project but would coincidentally shoot in the UK, so a much better ‘commute’ from Lisbon as it turns out.”

Neal and Southwell write and produce their own projects, including writing and producing the “Gourmet Detective” series that aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Neal indicated in his Instagram post that he’s still open to working with Hallmark, but it didn’t sound like anything was in the current plans.

He wrote: “We’ll be back in North America for work (Hallmark has my number) and to visit friends and family regularly.”

In a previous post when someone asked if he would still be doing Hallmark movies, Neal simply answered: “They’ve got my number…” When another fan lamented that he wouldn’t be in Hallmark movies anymore, he assured her by writing: “Just a plane away…”

Back in December, Neal shared a post about how he might have to bring up an idea to Hallmark about a Christmas-themed “The Gourmet Detective” movie.

In 2020, Neal starred in Hallmark’s “Christmas She Wrote.” He also plays the lead character in Hallmark’s “The Gourmet Detective” series, along with previously playing Jack Griffith on Hallmark’s “Cedar Cove.”

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