This ‘Game of Thrones’ Alum Also Produced Hallmark’s Newest Movie

Crown Media Mix Up in the Mediterranean was filmed in Malta.

Colin Azzopardi has two Emmy Award certificates for his work on Game of Thrones. Now he’s brought his considerable talent to The Hallmark Channel, overseeing the Malta side of Mix Up in the Mediterranean and bringing the romantic comedy to life as one of the producers for the film.

Azzopardi Was Extensively Involved with ‘Game of Thrones’

Azzopardi told Newsbook in an interview that one of the highlights of his career was working on Game of Thrones overseas for seven seasons.

He said, “If I had to try to pinpoint a couple (highlights), it would be my seven seasons of Game of Thrones work overseas – for which I have two Emmy Award certificates hanging on my wall – and my directing opportunities, both in theatre and TV, including directing a few music videos for local talent too…”

According to IMDb, Azzopardi was the second assistant director or co-assistant director for 33 episodes of Game of Thrones, including scenes filmed in Croatia, Malta, and Morocco.

He also acted in one episode of Game of Thrones, where he played the role of Maester Caleotte in the episode called The Red Woman. In his role, he delivered a scroll with important news to Doran Martell, with an unexpected twist.

On Instagram, Azzopardi wrote about fellow colleague Bernadette Caulfield from Game of Thrones: “She is exemplary in her job and was a constant pillar of strength for the show and for all of us, and cared for us and supported us all without exception through the highs and lows that working on such a show brings with it. So much so that I gave her the affectionate nickname of our ‘Fairy GoT Mother’ as she truly is a magical person in this crazy world of ours. Thank you for everything. 🐉”

He Oversaw the Malta Side of ‘Mix Up in the Mediterranean’

Mix Up in the Mediterranean was a joint venture by Azzopardi, who took care of the Malta side of production, and Leif Bristow from Canada, Newsbook shared.

He said he had to work his way up to get where he is today.

“I worked my way up from the bottom as they say, as a locations assistant picking up the rubbish, cleaning toilets when needed and making lots of coffees,” he told Newsbook.

His credits also include Saul: The Journey to Damascus (first assistant director), Sinbad (first assistant director for 12 episodes), Medici (first assistant director for eight episodes), Body of Deceit, World War Z (second assistant director in Malta), Roman Mysteries, Terra Nova, A Previous Engagement, and more. He was also first assistant director of 13 Hours with Michael Bay.

He wrote on his Mandy profile: “I have been working in the industry for many years from locations to ADs to production to directing and have worked (and still do) on projects raging from documentaries, music videos, promos, multi-episodic series, and block-busters, including award winning productions (Emmys and Oscars). I am now looking to build my producing and directing career further in chase of that first award of my own!”

In addition to his filming talents, he also speaks five languages: English, French, Italian, Maltese, and Spanish.

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