Hallmark’s 7 New Spring Movies Include 2 Filmed Overseas

Hallmark's spring lineup of movies.

Hallmark Hallmark's spring lineup of movies.

Hallmark Media has announced seven new spring movies that kick off in April. Among these are two movies that were filmed internationally, ET Online first announced.

Two Movies Are Set in ‘International Waters’

According to ET Online, two of Hallmark’s upcoming spring movies are “set in international waters.”

One of the two movies is “Love in the Maldives.” This movie stars Jocelyn Hudon and Jake Manley and premieres on Saturday, April 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern on the Hallmark Channel. The movie is about Rae Parker (Hudon) who writes a popular monthly travel column about traveling alone. Her editor sends her to stay in a luxurious Maldives resort, which flies against her typical more-adventurous topics. She’s also scared of the open ocean and is fearful of staying at a hotel that floats there. So she enlists the help of Jared (Manley.)

The other movie is “A Pinch of Portugal” starring Heather Hemmens and Luke Mitchell, which airs on Saturday, April 22 on the Hallmark Channel. This movie is about a prep cook (Hemmens) who must take over at the last minute for a celebrity chef, and the help she gets from an Aussie cameraman (Mitchell.)

“Love in the Maldives” marks Jocelyn Hudon’s return to Hallmark since she starred in “When Hope Calls.” Hudon did not return for the Christmas special of “When Hope Calls” when the series was picked up by Great American Family, and she did not mention any intention of starring in GAF’s second season of the series. Her absence was written into the plot, and she said on social media that she couldn’t film due to scheduling conflicts with an action movie. Hudon has also starred in “Baby It’s Cold Inside” and “From Friend to Fiance.”

Hemmens has signed an exclusive contract with Hallmark for multiple movies. Her previous Hallmark films include “Christmas in My Heart,” “Caribbean Summer,” “Love Take Two,” and more.

Erin Cahill & Erin Krakow Both Have Movies in the Lineup

Hallmark’s “two Erins” are also both featured in the lineup, ET Online reported.

Erin Krakow and Brendan Penny are starring in “The Wedding Cottage,” which airs on April 15 on the Hallmark Channel. The movie is about a wedding guide creator who’s working with an artist on renovating a rundown cottage.

Erin Cahill and Marco Grazzini are starring in “The Spin Cycle,” premiering April 29 on the Hallmark Channel. This movie is about a publicist who wants to “build her empire” by working with an MLB pitcher who froze up during the World Series. The catch? The two previously dated in high school.

Another film in the spring lineup is “The Professional Bridesmaid” starring Hunter King and Chandler Massey, which premieres on April 8 on the Hallmark Channel. This movie is about a professional bridesmaid whose new client is the daughter of a mayor up for re-election. A local reporter, however, might uncover her secret of being a hired bridesmaid if she’s not careful.

An Easter Movie & a New Mahogany Movie Are Also Airing

An Easter movie and a new Mahogany label movie are also part of the lineup, ET Online reported. Both will air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 7 p.m. Eastern on their premiere dates.

Amanda Schull and Carlo Marks star in the Easter movie called “The Blessing Bracelet.” This DaySpring faith-based movie is about renewing faith after being overwhelmed by life.

“Spring Breakthrough,” the Mahogany movie, stars Keesha Sharp, Demetrius Grosse, Rhyon Nicole Brown, and Akono Dixon. This movie is about a single mother who’s fired just before her daughter announces a surprise engagement to a man she didn’t know existed. She travels for an engagement celebration and meets a mysterious man along the way.

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