Hallmark Star & Pilot Rescues Dog Near Death: ‘The World Is Better…Because of You’


Instagram A Hallmark star and pilot is saving dogs.

Hallmark star Aaron O’Connell volunteers his time to help rescue dogs. In addition to being a film star, O’Connell is also a pilot. He shared on social media that he recently flew a dog in a brand new plane so that the pup wouldn’t be euthanized.

O’Connell Volunteers with Pilots N Paws

O’Connell volunteers with a group called “Pilots N Paws.” He shared in a social media post, “Together we flew 11-year-old Delilah from Santa Monica to Paso Robles to avoid euthanization in Cirrus’ brand new SR22T G6. Learn more about how you can become a volunteer at PilotsNPaws.org 🐶#cirruslife”

The Cirrus Aircraft Instagram account replied, “Thank you so much for making such an immense impact on the lives of dogs in California and beyond, @aaronoconnell and @pilotsnpaws! The world is a better place because of your all’s care, commitment and action. 💯”

One follower replied, writing, “This is amazing!! What a wonderful gift you have given these rescue dogs over the years🐕 ☺️”

Another person wrote, “Thank you for what you do in saving these dogs! ❤️”

Pilots N Paws reshared the same photos.

In a different Instagram post, he shared a video while piloting his plane.

One person replied, “What a landing not even a bump! I love the outside camera, gives such a different perspective. I can see the fur babies you fly are in good hands ❤️.”

Another person wrote, “Congratulations ❤️ ty for saving those dogs🤗🤗.”

On March 4, O’Connell talked again about how much he loves what he does.

He wrote, “My favorite part about being a pilot is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals in need. Thanks @pilotsnpaws for making it possible.”

Connie Nord replied, “Awesome!! My eyes are leaking. Thank you for volunteering. Those wagging wack-a-tails.😍😍😍”

Sarah Snodgrass wrote, “Thank you for all you do for the fur babies. It is such an inspiration. Me seeing you on my favorite show!! Can’t believe it is over! Keep up the good work for the pets! Post more about this good work.”

O’Connell Has Been Volunteering with Pilots n Paws for Years

In a Facebook post in 2018, Pilots N Paws posted about O’Connell and how he was helping them even back then.

The group wrote, “When he’s not working Aaron often flies abandoned pets to safety for #PilotsNPaws. This weekend he gave Cullen a 1st Class flight from Torrance, CA to Paso Robles. A young, red Cattle Dog, Cullen’s time was up at a SoCal shelter. Like many Cattle Dogs, Cullen quickly went from friendly to shut down in the shelter & had little chance of making it out. #CentralCoastHerdingDogRescue, a band of #AnimalRescueVolunteers & #Captain Aaron all worked together to get Cullen to safety in the nick of time! As always, thanks to all PNP Pilots for providing a safe, stress free way for these abandoned pets to get to safety. Aaron O’Connell Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue.”

In an interview with Cirrus Aircraft, O’Connell revealed that he has over 900 flight hours and over 50 missions with Pilots N Paws. He shared tips for flying these rescue missions, including taking the dog for a stroll before getting on the plane, bringing a cozy blanket for the pup, and flying lower than you normally would to help the dog stay comfortable.

O’Connell’s Hallmark movies include “My Christmas Love,” “With Love, Christmas,” “12 Gifts of Christmas,” and “Love’s Christmas Journey.”

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19 days ago

Love this! What a good guy!

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