Hallmark Stars Speak Out About Competing Network GAC Family

Paul Campbell in Christmas by Starlight.

Crown Media Paul Campbell in Christmas by Starlight.

In recent weeks, quite a few Hallmark stars have announced that they will also be starring on GAC Family, a new TV network launched by former Hallmark channel CEO Bill Abbott. Some, like Danica McKellar, have even signed exclusive contracts with GAC Media. Two Hallmark stars recently shared their views on GAC Family and expressed concern and skepticism about the new TV network.

Paul Campbell Said He Will Not Be Working for GAC If They Don’t Have ‘Meaningful Inclusion’

Hallmark star Paul Campbell’s Christmas movie “The Santa Stakeout” with Tamera Mowry-Housley just aired on The Hallmark Channel in October. When asked on Twitter about GAC Family, he expressed hesitation regarding the new network.

Campbell wrote: “I, like everyone else, will be keeping a close eye on the GAC content rollout. If there’s a noticeable lack of meaningful inclusion then, no, I will not be working for that company.”

The conversation began when a Hallmark fan account shared concern about a website that was keeping a list of Christmas movies that did not include LGBTQ characters.

Stephen Lovegrove, a TV host who has appeared on CNN, Hallmark, NBC, and other networks, wrote in response: “I feel this conversation needs to be had. Where are all the allies who supported @JonathanBennett in his historic movie last year? Bill Abbott can answer to advertisers for his decisions once again. I personally hope @glaad or @HRC get involved amplifying this. @inlayterms”

Campbell replied, “I’m here. I’m supporting. I’m tired of this f***ing nonsense.”

After his tweet, someone asked if he would promise not to ever work for GAC. Campbell replied that he would be watching them closely and would not work for them if they did not have meaningful inclusion. He then added, “And FWIW – I will not be quiet about it either.”

One person replied, “Positive representation is so important, especially in feel-good movies. Thank you for supporting inclusivity!”

Campbell wrote back, “Couldn’t agree more.”

He did clarify that he’s giving the network a chance first before making his decision. One person wrote to him, “In other words, you won’t be working for GAC. They will not have LGBT representation, nor significant POC.”

Campbell replied, “I’m a firm believer in benefit of the doubt, so we shall see.”

Emilie Ullerup of ‘Chesapeake Shores’ Said She Agreed with Campbell

Emilie Ullerup, who plays Bree on “Chesapeake Shores,” tweeted her agreement with Campbell’s stance.

She wrote, “It’s brand new to the rest of us too, we are all just getting our bearings and our facts sorted. But I couldn’t agree with @ThePaulCampbell more.”

She tweeted this after previously responding to a question about whether actors would follow Campbell’s example. She wrote, “I don’t want to speak for anybody else, but don’t you think the fact that we/I am not starring in any of their movies speaks volumes?”

Previously, she had tweeted “#loveislove” in response to complaints that her character wore a rainbow heart shirt on “Chesapeake Shores.”

Bill Abbott, the former CEO of The Hallmark Channel, launched GAC Family and GAC Living under the umbrella of GAC Media on September 27. GAC Family is airing 12 original Christmas movies this holiday season.

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Camille Bonus
Camille Bonus
9 months ago

The irony of people calling black people or gay people something separate from Christian’s like there aren’t gay or black Christians lol. GAC can definitely keep the self proclaimed Christians who want to separate themselves from the rest of the world.

Carli Ward-Zygowicz
Carli Ward-Zygowicz
9 months ago

Those of us who are Christians also have rights! We want a channel to watch that’s inclusive of our beliefs. It seems every channel on TV already shows LBGQT in every show and commercial. It’s in your face everywhere., plus they have their own network. What else do you want?
Leave ONE network for the Christians/others! Thanks

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