Jill Wagner on Being Pregnant While Filming ‘Mystery 101: Deadly History’

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Jill Wagner was pregnant while filming the new movie, “Mystery 101: Deadly History,” for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. She shared what it was like filming while pregnant and why she’s so grateful to Hallmark.

She’s Thankful to Hallmark for Hiring Her While She Was Pregnant

In an Instagram video, Wagner explained that it’s hard to get work in the film industry while you’re pregnant and she was very grateful to Hallmark for hiring her. She tagged Hallmark and wrote: “Thank you @hallmarkmovie for loving me in all my ‘forms’ :-).”

She said in the video:

I wanted to give Hallmark a shoutout, the network. Because they’re one of the few people that hire women as pregnant as I am. And while I understand that some of the viewers really don’t understand that… I think we’ve done a pretty good job of hiding that. And hopefully, you won’t focus on that. But for me, the actual person that gets to play the role and the woman and the actor, I just really appreciate it. Because a lot of times when you’re six months pregnant, seven months pregnant, you can’t work. No one will hire you. And my work is part of who I am. So it makes me feel important at this time, like I’m contributing to my family… It’s just a really kind thing that they do. And just because, say you’re pregnant, it’s not like, ‘Well, you’re out for nine months.’ So I just wanted to give a big shoutout to Hallmark and say thank you. I also wanted to say thank you to the amazing cast and crew of this film… It’s been an incredible experience.

Even Though They Filmed at Harrison Hot Springs, She Couldn’t Go Into the Hot Springs Because She Was Pregnant

Part of the movie was filmed at Harrison Hot Springs in Canada, but Wagner said in a video that she couldn’t go into the hot springs because she was pregnant.

Wagner shared her favorite photo from her maternity shoot in June, which took place after the movie was filmed.

She’s Expecting a Baby at 42

Wagner is thrilled to be expecting a baby at 42. The pregnancy wasn’t planned but is very wanted, People reported.

Being pregnant at 42 isn’t tough. She told People that she was training for a military role for “Lioness” when she found out, so she’s actually in better shape with this pregnancy than she was with her last one.

Wagner said she found out two days before Christmas and is due to give birth sometime this month. Two of her friends were pregnant at the same time (one was due in June and one in July), so they’ve been able to walk through the whole experience together.

She and her husband have a daughter named Amy Gray who was born in April 2020. Wagner filmed another “Mystery 101” movie while she was pregnant with Amy. David Lemanowicz has an older child: 10-year-old Lija. Wagner said Lija loves being an older sister.

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