Katherine Barrell Had a Baby Just Before Filming ‘A Godwink Christmas’

Katherine Barrell

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Katherine Barrell, star of Hallmark’s new movie, “A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love,” had just given birth nearly a month before she started filming the new movie.

She Had Given Birth 5 Weeks Before Starting to Film the Movie

Barrell had given birth just about five weeks before she started filming “A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love,” which airs on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The movie began filming in mid-October.

Barrell shared in an Instagram post that she had given birth to her son just five weeks before filming started.

She wrote:

This movie was SUCH a special experience for me. Just 5 weeks after my son was born- getting ‘back in the saddle’ was both exciting and very intimidating!! This team lifted me UP- the kindness they showed my family and the understanding of my need as a new mother (hello breast pump!) really renewed my faith that the film industry is changing to support women and new parents more and more. I poured my little mommy heart into this beautiful true story and I’m really proud to share it with you guys on December 11 !!

Vita Hope replied, “5 weeks postpartum?! Damn Girl, you are crushing it!! Congratulations! Can’t wait to watch this. 🔥👏❤️”

Sarah Hazel wrote, “That can’t have been easy to navigate for you, but I’m so glad you were able to have that positive experience so soon after having Ronin. Understanding, patience and a little love go a long way.”

Another fan wrote, “This is probably one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen anyone do. You’re a superhero ❤”

Her Son Was Born September 8 & She Said Their Dog Was a Great ‘Fluffy Guardian’

Barrell shared that her son, Ronin Barrell Galletti, was born on September 8. Barrell is married to Ray Galletti. She shared that their dog was being a wonderful “fluffy guardian” to her newborn son.

She wrote: “All the things they say are true: we are incredibly in love, very tired and feel like we’ve lived both the longest and shortest three weeks of our lives! Big Brother Bernie is taking his job of fluffy guardian very seriously; perhaps a little too seriously when Canada Post comes round, but we’re working on it!”

She added: “Welcome to the world, little warrior. Follow your heart, lead with love and never forget that the world around you is filled with magic.❤️”

She said that when one baby falls asleep, the other wants cuddles.

She added that Bernie’s been amazing and never wants to leave Ronin’s side. She’s very grateful for her family, including her husband, baby, and her dog.

Barrell’s husband, Ray Galletti, is also an actor. According to IMDb, his credits include “National Parks,” “Private Eyes,” “Season for Love,” “Pretty Hard Cases,” “The Art of More,” “iZombie,” “Air Crash Investigation,” “A Very Larry Christmas,” “Connected” (David), “Saints & Sinners” (Mike), “Desire” (Richard), “Da Vinci’s Inquest,” “Lucky Stars,” “Mr. St. Nick,” “Monk,” and more. They met on set while filming a movie in 2015.

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