This Special Memento from Lacey Chabert’s Family Was in ‘The Wedding Veil’

Lacey Chabert

Crown Media Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert included a personal touch related to her family in her new Hallmark movie, “The Wedding Veil.” The movie featured a photo of her grandparents on their wedding day.

A Photo of Her Grandparents on Their Wedding Day Was in Avery’s Apartment

Chabert shared the photo on Twitter and wrote, “That was my grandparent’s wedding photo in Avery’s apartment. I love when we’re able to put personal touches like that in our movies 🤍 #TheWeddingVeil @hallmarkchannel.”

Fans loved reading this behind-the-scenes glimpse. One person replied, “I had always guessed that old photos in these Hallmark movies are that of the actors’ real families – thanks for confirming that! It definitely is a nice touch 💜 Your grandparents look smashing and I love your grandma’s wedding dress 👰‍♀️👗.”

Vasiliki Whitten wrote, “A wonderful photo of a beautiful bride and her handsome groom. Thank you for sharing this. I am enjoying this movie. A great cast. I enjoy all your movies.”

Chabert told Southern Living that recipes from her grandmother and great-grandmother have been passed down through her family as part of their Christmas tradition.

“We eat and we cook the same things every year,” she said. “There are recipes that have been passed down from my grandmother and my great-grandmother and my mom. It’s stuff that I grew up eating as a child during the holidays. I love the tradition of doing the same thing year after year.”

She said she grew up in Mississippi next door to her grandmother, and one of her favorite memories was baking with her.

“She was one of my very best friends and my biggest cheerleader,” she told Southern Living. “…She was very much into following the recipe and she was a bit of a perfectionist. No one had more beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts than her, so we try and do her proud… She also made all of her own Christmas bows. She taught me how, so I know how to make a pretty good Christmas bow too.”

Chabert Shared Other Moments from Filming the Movie

Chabert shared other moments from filming too.

She said that it was a really sweet moment when she found out that the director, TErry Ingram, was playing her dad.

She didn’t find out that Ingram was playing her dad until she walked down the stairs.

“This was the sweetest idea,” Chabert tweeted. “Meant a lot to me.”

One fan joked that when they saw an ad for a new movie with Brennan Elliott, they were sad that Chabert wasn’t starring in that one too.

Chabert replied, “I hope we get to work together again soon.”

She said she had so much fun filming with Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser.

And she said she was really happy to get to work again with Ingram.

She also shared that she loves wearing slippers and wears them whenever she can instead of heels.

She added that she takes off the heels between almost every take.

She said her favorite part of the movie was “working alongside friends-old and new.”


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