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Long Lost Christmas

Hallmark Long Lost Christmas

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ newest movie, “Long Lost Christmas,” premieres on Saturday November 19, at 10 p.m. Eastern/9 p.m. Central. The movie stars Taylor Cole and Benjamin Ayres. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed and the cast who brought it to life.

‘Long Lost Christmas’ Was Filmed in Agassiz-Harrison, British Columbia, Canada


“Long Lost Christmas” was filmed in the British Columbia region of Canada, including Agassiz-Harrison. Filming wrapped on September 30, according to Ayres’ social media posts.

According to the Trailtimes — a news website from the town of Trails, British Columbia, — Ayres surprised several passersby who were looking at the decorations along Pioneer Avenue and recorded a brief video of the encounter on social media.

In the article’s video, Ayres says: “I think it’s such an honest reaction. It’s super quick. What I love about it is it’s really brought all these Hallmark fans from all over. I wish I would’ve kept it going because even the husband was like, ‘Oh, I know all your movies!’”

Here is the video on Instagram:

The movie is based on the novel of the same title by Joan Kilby. The author wrote about the making of the movie on Tule Publishing’s website. In her post, she wrote, “Frantic preparations were made for me to travel from Australia to Vancouver, Canada, so I could visit the set during filming. Vancouver is my hometown and I hadn’t seen my family since before Covid, so I was doubly thrilled that I was able to go. “

She continued by talking about one of the filming locations, the Harrison Hotsprings.

“The location, Harrison Hotsprings, is a small, lakeside resort town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains,” Kilby wrote. “It made an excellent stand-in for the fictional town of Sweetheart, Montana. The private residence that was used as my hero’s log home couldn’t have been more perfect, inside and out. Filming at the end of summer in unusually warm conditions meant that the ‘snow’ you see in this photo is actually sheets of white felt.”

In the same article, they posted a few behind-the-scenes pictures of the sets and actors.

Kilby finished by writing: “The movie version of Long Lost Christmas differs in some respects from my book but that’s normal due to the nature of the two media and I think the scriptwriter made excellent choices. I can’t wait to watch the whole movie…”

Meet the Cast


Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

This Christmas, interior designer Hayley (Cole) plans to surprise her mother Patricia (Jaqueline Ann Steuart, “Love Hard”), with the perfect holiday present: the extended family she knows her mom yearns for. Hayley herself thinks she and her mom are fine alone, but she has recently discovered the existence of a lost relative, Patricia’s brother. Hayley hopes to find him and reunite the two siblings for Christmas. She travels to a town outside of Denver to chase a lead on a man named Gordon (Grant Vlahovic, “Butlers in Love”), who owns a cabin construction company and who just might be her uncle. Hayley is delighted by the town, which is all decked out for Christmas. She’s equally charmed when she meets Gordon, his daughter Brianna (Stephanie Van Dyk, “Nancy Drew”) and Jake (Ayres), the property manager. As Hayley tries to discover whether Gordon is actually her long lost uncle, she beings to fall in love with the idea of extended family, the charm of the town and Jake. However, when she learns the circumstances surrounding the siblings’ separation, Hayley has second thoughts and decides to abandon her mission. Gordon, on the other hand, is happy to finally have a lead on finding Patricia – but will he be able to bring the family together in time for Christmas?

Taylor Cole, who plays Hayley, has starred in a number of original movies produced by Hallmark, according to her bio. The most recent include “Making Spirits Bright,” “One Winter Wedding,” and “South Beach Love” for the Hallmark Channel, as well as “Ruby Herring Mysteries” for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Cole has had guest appearances on a number of popular TV shows, such as “Salvation” and “CSI: Miami” on CBS, “The Originals” on The CW, “Impastor” on TV Land, and “The Glades” on the A&E Network. Both “The Event” on NBC and “Summerland” on The WB had her as a series regular at one point.

Benjamin Ayres plays Blake. According to his bio, he was recently featured in the film “Unless.” The film had its world debut at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. On TV, he played the role of Dr. Zachary Miller in the CTV/NBC medical drama “Saving Hope,” which aired for five seasons. Ayres has recently been seen in a recurring role on “Detention Adventure.” He has also had guest starring roles on “The Good Doctor” and “Burden of Truth” on The CW, as well as in “Falling for Vermont” on the Hallmark Channel.

“Just walking through town handing out dessert with @taylorquinncole 🥰” he shared in one post.

Ayres posted a lot of behind-the-scenes moments while filming the movie.

“Special shout out to Allen and Karolin who made our 2 week stay at the @harrisonhotspringsresort a wonderful experience,” he wrote in another post.

“We had a day off from shooting our Christmas movie and couldn’t decide what to do!” he shared.

“Hugs to our crew and cast of #LongLostChristmas, that’s a wrap!” he wrote on September 30.

“Final touches,” he shared in another post.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Stephanie Van Dyk (Brianna)
  • Jacqueline Ann Steuart (Patricia)
  • Grant Vlahovic (Gordon)
  • Stefania Indelicato (Sarah)
  • Liza Huget (Ellen)
  • Malcolm Anthony Clarke (Boy)
  • Camille Mitchell (Mrs. Lolly Peterson)
  • Nelson Wong (Grand Marshall)
  • Mateo Gallant (Attendant)
  • Shawna Clarke (Doctor)

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