A Major Hallmark Division Just Shut Down Unexpectedly

A major Hallmark division unexpectedly shut down.

Hallmark Media A major Hallmark division unexpectedly shut down.

One of Hallmark’s major divisions just shut down, and people on social media can’t stop talking about the unexpected change.

Hallmark Publishing Has Closed Down

Hallmark Publishing, which was known for releasing books that were often made into Hallmark movies, has closed its doors.

Publishers Lunch reported on October 14 that Hallmark Publishing had confirmed it was closing.

A spokesperson told Publishers Lunch: “We are exiting the Hallmark Publishing business to focus our resources on other areas of the company that we believe will drive our future growth.”

Hallmark Publishing’s Twitter account has not made any updates about the closure.

This followed a report two days earlier from Publishers Lunch, noting that the company had told a number of authors about what was happening in an email.

Former executive editor of Hallmark Publishing, Stacey Donovan, shared the full story on Twitter about the email that was sent out.

According to the Publishers Lunch story, a number of authors received an email telling them: “The decision is based on the best interests of Hallmark Media. This means we will not take on any new titles. We understand this may come as frustrating news, but our business focus dictated this decision.”

According to the story, some authors were told via Facebook rather than email, and it wasn’t certain what would happen to books currently pending publication.

Author Lacey Baker tweeted her feelings about the news.

She wrote, “I was looking forward to sharing WISH UPON A CHRISTMAS STAR in Fall ’23. But I’m positive I’ll find a home for this touching holiday story…”

Romance author Cassidy Carter also shared her thoughts on Twitter. She wrote, in part, “the opportunity to publish my titles with Hallmark was a blessing, and I’m thankful and proud of the work I did there.”

She wrote that she hoped to find a new home for two of her books “in the near future.”

Author Tracy Gardner wrote that Hallmark had agreed to publish her debut novel, right after she had decided to quit writing, so she will always be grateful to Hallmark.

The Executive Editor Has Started a Private Book Coaching Agency

The closure came after executive editor Stacey Donovan (who also goes by Bryn Donovan on Twitter) left Hallmark Publishing in September, Publishers Lunch reported. Donovan had originally pitched the idea for a publishing division to Hallmark, and it was launched five years ago.

In a tweet on September 29, Donovan shared, “I’m very proud of all I’ve done in the exec editor/creative director role at Hallmark Publishing, but it’s been a terrible strain. I’m starting a new chapter.”

She’s starting a new private book coaching and content strategy agency that includes book editing and proofreading, she announced. The agency is called “Lucky Author.”

Donovan shared more details on her website, sharing that Hallmark Publishing had hit a number of bestseller lists while she helmed the division.

She wrote, “I have loved working with authors and designers, and there are a few people at Hallmark Channel that I hope to be friends with forever. However, we had such a tiny team (until last February, I was the only full-time employee on the business) that it was a real strain. I have a lot of posts about specific chapters of my publishing experience sitting in drafts, and who knows…maybe they’ll stay there forever.”

She added that she and her husband launched her new company, Lucky Author, together.

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