Hallmark Actor Quietly Plays Same Character in Most of His 27 Movies

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Nelson Wong is a prolific Hallmark actor who has starred in 27 movies — and played the same character in at least 18 of those films. When Hallmark fans first discovered this news, his character Kenny went viral on social media.

Wong Played a Character Named Kenny in At Least 18 Movies

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Wong has played Kenny Kwon in at least 18 out of his 27 Hallmark movies, according to IMDb. He first played Kenny in the movie “Third Man Out,” which wasn’t even a Hallmark movie, CBC reported. Ron Oliver directed the movie, and then he began directing movies for Hallmark too. He decided to give the character of Kenny a special place in his films.

Wong told CBC: “As Ron started working for Hallmark, Kenny started working for Hallmark. It’s just grown into a thing. The fans seem to respond to it and 27 movies later, here we are.”

Wong said that Kenny has had numerous jobs since he was a detective’s sidekick in that very first movie. He told CBC that Kenny has been a wedding planner, a concierge, a TV show director, and a “baby daddy.”

He joked that Kenny might just have been working as an undercover detective all this time.

“The whole time, I’ve been thinking Kenny is still undercover as a detective. He’s just got these identities that allow him to go to these different universes,” Wong told CBC.

According to IMDb, Wong’s many movies have included “Where Your Heart Belongs” (where he played Tristen Chou, not Kenny), “A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love” (Angelo), “A Christmas Treasure” (the mayor), “Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries” (Det. Andy Lau), “It Was Always You” (Eugene), “A Timeless Christmas” (Kenny), “Picture Perfect Mysteries” (Kenny), “Blueprint to the Heart” (Andy), “Love in the Forecast” (George), “Christmas at the Plaza” (Kenny), “Wedding March 5” (Cameron), “Hope at Christmas” (Kenny), “Winter’s Dream” (Yuri), “The Christmas Train” (Kenny), “Like Cats & Dogs” (Kenny), “A Firehouse Christmas” (Rob), “Finding Father Christmas” (a doctor), “Every Christmas Has a Story” (Kenny), “Stop the Wedding” (front desk employee), “A Christmas Detour” (airline attendant), “Perfect Match” (Kenny), “Recipe for Love” (Kenny), and more.

In addition to rom-coms, the prolific actor has also starred in productions like “Batwoman,” “Riverdale” (Dr. Phylum for three episodes), “Van Helsing,” “Puppet Killer,” “37-Teen,” “Arrow,” “The Good Doctor,” and more.

He Was Trending on Social Media Because of His Role as Kenny

Ever since the news of his recurring character was revealed, fans can’t stop talking about Kenny. When Hallmark’s most recent movie, “Where Your Heart Belongs,” aired on January 1 and Wong played a different character, fans had to point out that distinction.

One fan asked: “Is it really @NelsonWongActor if his characters name is not Kenny?”

But Wong pointed out that even if his character has a different name, he very well might still be Kenny, working undercover.

Another fan requested that Wong get his own Hallmark movie and it should be called “Everybody Loves Kenny!”

Another fan replied that she and her friends have a game where they try to be the first person to spot Kenny in a Hallmark movie.

Director Ron Oliver joked that all the attention was going to his head.

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When the Hallmark Heartbeats podcast tweeted that they wished he would get a lead role rather than always having a supporting role, Wong replied: “I’m very honoured and lucky to get to work, develop & create with each role & team of artists! And I really appreciate all of your support & for taking the time to share it 💖”

He retweeted Mel True, who wrote that he needs a lead role.

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