New Janette Oke Project with ‘DNA of When Calls the Heart’ in the Works

When Calls the Heart

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John Tinker, who was the showrunner for “When Calls the Heart” during the most recent seasons, recently revealed to fans that he’s working on a new project. This one will have similar vibes to the hit Hallmark series. Here’s what we know so far.

The Project Is Based on a Janette Oke Book

In a video that was posted to his wife Ronda Rich’s Facebook page (but is no longer viewable), Tinker revealed that he’s working on a new project that is based on a Janette Oke book. He didn’t elaborate if this is a TV series or a movie, or which Oke book the project is based upon. It’s also not clear if this will be a Hallmark project or if it’s with a different network.

Oke wrote the “When Calls the Heart” book series that the hit TV show is based upon. She has also written other books that were later made into Hallmark movies.

StarWatchByline posted a clip of the video, where Tinker talked about his project, on Twitter. The full interview is either not publicly available for viewing or has been taken down.

In the video, Tinker first says, “I’m writing…” but then Rich interrupts him, unsure if he should reveal the news because there’s going to be a “big announcement” in the future.

So Tinker goes on to say, “Then what it’s about is something that I think the Hearties are really gonna love… As I’ve said, when we sold this, it has the same DNA that When Calls the Heart has, and it’s based on a Janette Oke book.”

When “When Calls the Heart” was renewed for a tenth season, ET Online revealed that Lindsay Sturman would be the showrunner for season 10. An explanation wasn’t given for why Tinker would not be continuing as showrunner.

Fans were excited about the news about Tinker’s new project.

Julie Windsor tweeted in reply, “This is WONDERFUL news! I wasn’t familiar with Janette Oke or her books before I binge watched WCTH in late 2020. I wish
@brspndr the very best in this new project! Yay, #Hearties! Looks like I need to do a bit of 🕵🏼‍♀️ work to try to guess which 📚 the project is based on. Fun! 🙃”

Beth wrote, “Congratulations to John Tinker!!! Can’t wait to see his next project. I am so excited for him and wish him the very best on his new project!”

Janette Oke Has Written Numerous Books & Series

Janette Oke has written numerous books. The “When Hope Calls” series, a spinoff of “When Calls the Heart,” is based on her “Unfailing Love” series of books. Hallmark’s “Love Comes Softly” series was also based on her books.

Quite a few of her books have been part of a series of novels. She wrote a “Women of the West” series with 15 books, which included different main characters in the novels. She wrote four books in a “Seasons of the Heart” series, five in a “Song of Acadia” series, four in “A Prairie Legacy” series, two books in the “Kyle Adams” series, and 15 in the “Animal Friends” series for children.

It’s not known if Tinker’s project is a film or TV series. More details are expected soon.

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