Paul Greene Reveals His Co-Star in New Christmas Movie

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Paul Greene just revealed who his co-star is going to be in his new Hallmark movie. While his character’s fate on “When Calls the Heart” is still unknown, fans are excited that he’s working on a new production for Hallmark.

Greene Shared that Marisol Nichols Is His Co-Star

Greene made the announcement on his Instagram page when he shared that Marisol Nichols is going to be his co-star.

He said in his video: “OK, so I’m behind-the-scenes and you’ve been asking me who my co-star is. She’s trying to keep herself cool over there. So anyway, here is Marisol Nichols. Marisol, how are you doing?”

She replied, “hot.” It was obviously very hot as Nichols was fanning herself during the video.

“We’re making a Christmas cookie,” Greene shared, while quickly adding that Nichols was “glistening” and not sweating.

Greene also showed the beatuifully decorated tree on set. At the end of the video, you can see them dancing together on set after she puts down a plate of Christmas cookies.

On Instagram, one person replied: “The suspense is finally over and what a wonderful surprise! I think y’all will be great together! Can’t wait!😘”

The Movie Is Called ‘Christmas CEO’

The Christmas movie is called “Christmas CEO.” There’s a chance the title might change by the time it premieres on Hallmark.

Nichols also shared a video about the new movie, announcing Greene as her co-star to her fans.

She said: “OK, in case you’re wondering, I’m in our holding room. This is my co-star, Paul Greene. Say hello.” They shared a laugh together and she said, “And we’re making a Christmas movie.”

Greene added, “We are. We’re making ‘Christmas CEO’ in Ottawa…”

Nichols said: “‘Christmas CEO’ and guess who the CEO is??!”

She then pointed to herself as Greene said it wasn’t him.

One fan, referencing her Hallmark movie from last year, wrote: “Tell me your character will have a happy ending? Why honestly I can’t stand crying anymore😂❤️🥰”

Ruth Hill, who works with Greene, replied: “I’m thrilled to see you both in a film!! I loved you Marisol in last year’s Hallmark Christmas movie & you’ve been one of the best parts of Riverdale!!!! You have never disappointed & now to see you in a movie opposite one of my faves (who is also my boss 😍) this movie is gonna ROCK.” 

Greene is filming while being away from his fiancee, Kate Austin, who’s currently pregnant. Greene said on social media that it was tough being away from Kate while she’s pregnant, “but a Christmas movie must be made.”

Greene announced in July that he and his fiancee, Kate Austin, are expecting a baby. They’re expecting their baby boy to be born on Thanksgiving, People reported.

It’s not clear what the future holds for his character Carson on “When Calls the Heart,” however. The series is currently filming season 9 in a different part of Canada, and Greene has not been seen on set since filming started.

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