‘The Christmas Doctor’: See Where It Was Filmed & Meet the Cast

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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries premiered The Christmas Doctor in 2020, but now it’s re-airing on The Hallmark Channel as part of the 2021 Christmas in July celebration. It stars Holly Robinson Peete and Adrian Holmes. The movie is about a traveling doctor assigned to a small town for the holidays. But where was the movie filmed?

The Movie Takes Place in Vermont, But It Was Filmed in Canada

The Christmas Doctor‘s storyline takes place in a small town called Willowbrook, but it was actually filmed in Canada in late September and October. (More specifically, it was filmed in the Vancouver region.)

The Christmas Doctor‘s synopsis reads:  “Zoey is a traveling doctor who prefers short assignments to staying put, so when she is assigned to a small town clinic for the holidays, she is surprised when she starts to feel at home.”

In an interview with ZORA, Peete talked about how strict filming is in Canada. Even for a kissing scene, they have to get a special rinse in their mouth first and have their faces sprayed with alcohol.

But she said this is all because Canada is really on top of things when it comes to the pandemic. “Canada has got it going on,” she told ZORA.

She said they finished filming last month in October and she had to quarantine for two weeks before going on set.

One of the filming locations was the Langley Seniors Centre, Aldergrove Star reported. The Centre’s executive director, Paul Goldbert, said that production companies take such extensive precautions for COVID-19 that the seniors at the centre weren’t concerned at all. Goldberg said the revenue from the filming will help replace money lost from the pandemic. This year’s because of fewer recreational programs, they’ve had less catering income and fewer donations in general.

‘The Christmas Doctor’ Cast

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Holly Robinson Peete is Zoey. She has a long and successful history, including appearing in TV and films like Chicago Fire (Tamara Jones), Angel of Christmas, Instant Mom, Mike & Molly (Christina), Blue, RuPaul’s Drag U, 21 Jump Street, The Bridget Show, Love Inc. (Clea), Like Family (Tanya Ward), One on One (Stacy), For Your Love (Malena Ellis/Melena Ellis), Strong Medicine, The Jacksons: An American Dream, 21 Jump Street (Judy Hoffs), Booker, and more. She also stars in Meet the Peetes on Hallmark and the Christmas in Evergreen series. She just started American Housewife.

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Adrian Holmes is Luke. His many previous credits include Sacred Lies, The Boys (Dr. Park), Hospital Show (Rich), V-Wars (Michael Flayne for 10 episodes), You Light Up My Christmas, Arrow (Frank Pike for 15 episodes), Letterkenny, Supernatural, 19-2, The Epitaph, Impastor, Rogue, A Christmas Horror Story, Continuum (Agent Warren for 10 episodes), Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Cedar Cove (Mike), Primeval: New World, True Justice (Marcus for 12 episodes), Smallville (Basqat for seven episodes), The Andromeda Strain, Godiva’s (Jerome), Cold Squad (Dr. Ben Wilson for 12 episodes), Jeremiah (Sandor), Out of Order (Ryan), First Wave, MANTIS, Highlander, and more.

Crown MediaRhinnan Payne, Adrian Holmes

Rhinnan Payne is Lilly. She was also in The Hypnotist’s Love Story, The Order, and Get Shorty. 

Crown MediaFred Henderson, Bronwen Smith, Holly Robinson Peete, Adrian Holmes

Fred Henderson is Dr. Ray. His credits include Holiday Hearts, Riverdale (Gov. Dooley), The Last Bridesmaid, Valley of the Boom (Mike), Unspeakable, Easter Under Wraps, Project Blue Book, Supergirl, Christmas Joy, Marrying Mr. Darcy, A Harvest Wedding, Rogue, Magic Stocking, iZombie, The Flash, When Calls the Heart, Iron Man: Armored Adventures (voice of Howard Stark), InSecurity, Black Lagoon, The 4400, Starship Operators, Jack, The Invitation, Taken, Living with the Dead, The Wedding Dress, The Outer Limits, The Commish, Street Justice, GI Joe, and more.

Bronwen Smith is Gabby. Her credits include Home Before Dark, You’re Bacon Me Crazy, A Million Little Things, Easter Under Wraps, Ice, Killer Twin, Prodigals, Marry Me at Christmas, When We Rise, Travelers, The Killing, Smallville, and more.

Crown MediaMarlie Collins, Fred Henderson, Holly Robinson Peete

Marlie Collins is Emma. Her credits include Road to Christmas, The InBetween, Harry & Meghan, Reverie, Once Upon a Prince, Gintama, and more.

Crown MediaNicole Anthony, Holly Robinson Peete

Nicole Anthony is Debra. Her credits include Siren, Helstrom, A Christmas Miracle, Super Monsters (Zoe for 34 episodes), The InBetween, Travelers, Killer Ending, The Crossing, Loudermilk, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Home for Christmas Day, Cedar Cove, Mistresses, iZombie, and more.

Also starring are:

  • Colleen Winton (Serene)
  • Chris Wood (Ty)
  • Mike Wasko (Santa)
  • Alexander Jones (Oliver)
  • Rhona Rees (Waitress)
  • Eva Day (Ashley)
  • Sharon Crandall (ER Chief)
  • Meghan Gardiner (Francis)
  • Donny Lucas (Johnny)
  • Alvin Sanders (Mayor)
  • Eric Pollins (Local)
  • Kevin Tovaragui (Cute Guy)

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