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The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “The Royal Nanny,” premieres on Saturday, November 12, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Rachel Skarsten, Greta Scacchi and Dan Jeannotte. Here’s everything you need to know about where “The Royal Nanny” was filmed and the cast who bring the movie to life.

‘The Royal Nanny’ Was Filmed in Brussels, Belgium


“The Royal Nanny” was filmed on location in Brussels, Belgium. At the end of August, executive producer Lief Bristow posted this beautiful picture below that showed the front of a huge manor, along with the cast and crew.

“Excited to start The Royal Nanny here in Brussels,” Bristow wrote.

They also filmed in Ghent, Belgium, according to a beautiful sunrise photo that Bristow also posted.

“A peaceful sunrise in Ghent,” Bristow wrote.

Ghent is located in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It’s also the third largest city in Belgium, with only Brussels and Antwerp having a larger population. It has both a port and a university.

Actor Toussaint Meghie, who plays Wallace in the movie, posted these photos below on his Instagram account. It looks like the whole crew had a wonderful time in Belgium!

“I had three wonderful weeks filming in beautiful Belgium on the Royal Nanny,” he wrote.

Meet the Cast of ‘The Royal Nanny’


Hallmark’s movie synopsis reads:

After exposing a credible threat to the monarchy three weeks before Christmas, MI5 Officer Claire (Skarsten) goes undercover inside Kensington Palace as the Royal Nanny to protect the youngest heirs to the throne. Claire is not the best fit for this assignment but all that is about to change as she endures a crash course in nannying by Ms. Lansbury (Scacchi) – who has been charged with training the caretakers of the royal family for the last 30 years. With her cover in place, Claire’s arrival at Kensington is welcomed by Princess Rose (Katie Sheridan, “Lore”) the Future Queen of England and met with a barrage of mischief from Princess Elle (Isabelle Wilson, “The Royal Nanny”) and Prince Robert (Phoenix Laroche, “Trying”), both eager to send the new nanny packing. Relying on a combination of her MI5 and nanny training, she overcomes the challenges that come with her assignment and soon makes the lives of everyone in the royal household better, becoming a trusted confidante. At the same time, sparks fly between Claire and Prince Colin (Jeannotte), Rose’s younger brother, but complications arise when MI5 comes to wrongly suspect a member of the royal family may be directly involved in the plot against the throne. Claire puts her career as well as her life on the line to protect not only the man she is falling for, but also the Royal Family, a family she has come to feel as if she’s become a part of.

Rachel Alice Marie Skarsten plays Claire in the movie. According to her bio, she’s a Canadian actress known for her roles as Beth Kane/Alice in “Batwoman,” Elizabeth I of England in the TV series “Reign,” and Tamsin in the movies “Lost Girl” and “Birds of Prey.” On May 12, 2020, Skarsten announced in a now-deleted Instagram post that she had secretly wed Alexandre Robicquet, the man she had been dating. She told ET Canada that they got married in the backyard during a coronavirus quarantine.

She posted a series of beautiful pictures and videos with the cast and crew on her Instagram.

“The added bonus for me was the truly LOVELY cast, crew & director who made this experience tops,” she wrote.

Dan Jeannotte plays Prince Colin in the movie. According to his bio, he’s recognized by fans for his portrayal of James Stuart, the Earl of Moray on The CW’s “Reign.” Additionally, viewers of “The Good Witch” series on the Hallmark Channel will recognize him from his role as Brandon Russell.

He posted a picture in late September with co-star Brittany Bristow from a different movie – “A Royal Seaside Romance” — which starred on competitor network Great American Family. He wrote: “I know I’m squint-frowning hard here — it was so sunny! — but you gotta admit, everything else in the photo looks pretty great.”

Interestingly, he played a prince in that movie too.

He also thanks Belgium in this post, writing: “Merci la Belgique, c’était vraiment chouette” or “Thanks Belgium, it was great!”

“Belgium continues,” he wrote in another post.

And he shared a series of fantastic shots in this next post captioned: “Ten days in Belgium.”


Also starring in the movie are:

  • Toussaint Meghie (Wallace)
  • Isabelle Wilson (Princess Elle)
  • Phoenix Laroche (Prince Robert)
  • Katie Sheridan (Rose)
  • Jarreth J. Merz (Price)
  • Martin Swabey (Vance)
  • Richard Wells (Taylor
  • Barbara Hellemans (Amanda Young)
  • Aurora Marion (Olivia)
  • Marcel Zade (Michael Ford)
  • Robbie Nock (Edward)
  • Jasper Box (James Wilder)

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