‘The Way Home’ Season 3 Renewal Ignites Fan Theories About What’s Next

"The Way Home" season 3

"The Way Home" season 3

With only two episodes left in the season, “The Way Home” has been officially renewed for season 3. Hallmark announced the news on Wednesday, March 20, to the reaction of elated fans. And with a show that has sparked so many theories from viewers, the news is already inspiring talk about what’s next, including a theory involving the 1960s.

(Note: This story will have some spoilers up to the most recent episode of “The Way Home.”)

‘Some Questions Will Be Answered,’ A Hallmark Executive Promised, But ‘There’s Much More to Tell’

Lisa Hamilton Daly, EVP of Programming at Hallmark Media, told Deadline about the season 3 renewal news: “Once again, our cast, writers and entire crew have used their impressive talents to create a story that is just as compelling and addictive as the first season. We’re grateful to the fans who are so passionate about the series and can’t wait for them to see what and when is ahead for season 3.”

Some fans have wondered what mysteries season 3 will unfold, but one Hallmark executive assured viewers that there is a lot more of the story to share.

Kelly Garrett, VP Development, told Deadline: “Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke and Marly Reed continue to blow us away with the cleverly crafted story they’ve created and careful thought they put into every single detail. While some questions will be answered by the end of this season, the Landrys’ journey is far from over and there’s much more to tell.”

Some of the mysteries have already been answered, even before the season 2 finale, including just what happened to Jacob, Kat’s little brother who went missing when he was a boy. But other mysteries remain.

Jefferson Brown, who plays Colton, shared the happy news on X (formerly known as Twitter.) One fan replied, “Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Colton in season 3.” And Brown only answered: “Fingers and toes firmly crossed ❤️🤞🏼.”

And Sadie Laflamme-Snow tweeted a series of excited emojis in response to the news.

She also wrote: “SEASON 3!!! thank you for watching! we love you!!”

Some Fans Wonder if Season 3 Might Include Travel to the 1960s

Just before the season 3 announcement, a rumor started on social media that the next season might involve some time travel to the 1960s. At the moment, there’s no real basis behind the rumor aside from some guesses fans have made based on clues in the show.

In a public “The Way Home” Facebook group, where fans share extensive and detailed theories about the show, one viewer asked why fans think some characters may go to the 1960s. Fans replied that when Kat was on a ghost walk tour in the latest episode, she mentioned that the lore about the White Witch didn’t really catch on until the 1960s. (We learned previously that Kat herself is the “White Witch” from when she traveled back to 1814.)

Kat’s statement has left a lot of fans wondering what happened to make the White Witch story pick up steam up in the 1960s, and if that will be explored on the show.

According to “The Way Home” fandom page, Colton was born in 1957, so he and other characters, like Evelyn Goodwin and Elliot’s dad Victor, would be just kids in the 1960s too.

In the same public “The Way Home” Facebook group, fans talked in-depth about whether they would want to see scenes from the 1960s. Some fans loved the idea and others weren’t so sure.

One fan wrote: “So putting Del and Colton in the same age group as I am, they would have been elementary school age. I really don’t see a story with them. Perhaps Colton’s parents?”

Another fan suggested, “and certainly learning who del’s parents are and how they’re all connected.”

Another fan wrote, “I would love to see port haven in the 60s! Or any decade for that matter. Seeing Colton’s parents and his upbringing. I’ve actually thought maybe he was the little boy with the old woman by the pond? Who knows. But where ever this show goes and whatever time period I’m there.”

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