Hallmark Star Wants to Make ‘The Wedding Veil’ Spinoff with Unique Twist

"The Wedding Veil Journey"

Hallmark "The Wedding Veil Journey"

The stars of Hallmark’s “The Wedding Veil” series are ready to make a third trilogy. And fans have come up with a unique idea: making a movie that focuses on the husbands building their relationships with one another. Victor Webster is on board with the plan.

Victor Webster Would Love to Make a Movie Starring the Husbands

In a series of tweets during “The Wedding Veil Journey,” Webster said he would love to make a new movie that focuses on the husbands.

On Twitter, Kayla wrote: “For the next trilogy I want the husband’s to hangout together.”

Webster retweeted her suggestion and wrote: “That would be awesome. I think @kevin_mcGarry suggested that. Anyone else wanna see us together? @paoloberna_off #TheWeddingVeil @hallmarkchannel.”

As the movie aired, more fans suggested similar ideas. Vivian Diaz wrote, “OMG! Yes, The Wedding Veil hunky husbands need their own movie time!!”

Webster replied, “I wouldn’t be mad at that.”

He added another suggestion in a different tweet, writing: “What if the girls go on a girls trip and the guys go on a guys trip? The girls can go to some beautiful place and go antiquing and the guys can go camping @kevin_mcGarry @paoloberna_off @hallmarkchannel #TheWeddingVeil.”

When another fan asked if this might happen, he wrote, “I think if enough people wanted to see something like that, maybe something could happen @hallmarkchannel #TheWeddingVeil.”

And the suggestions for a movie focused on the husbands kept pouring in while the final movie in the second trilogy aired.

One person on Twitter wrote that they didn’t want the show to end after the final movie. “I just finished! I LOVED it! I refuse to believe that’s the end! There are SO many more stories to tell!!”

Webster replied, “I agree. Series?!”

Kevin McGarry Believes Hallmark Will Make More If the Viewers Want That

Petah’s Here! Kevin McGarry talks The Wedding Veil Expectations!You know we love a good Kevin McGarry podcast! We hope you’ll join us as we chat The Wedding Veil Expectations and maybe a little holiday cheer!2022-12-20T13:50:37Z

In an interview with Suspenders Unbuttoned, Kevin McGarry also said he’d love to see this franchise continue.

“They have ideas to keep going if Hallmark let’s them do it,” McGarry said around 53 minutes into the interview. “It depends on if people want to see it or not… It was going to do well; it had three of the leading Hallmark ladies in it. But I think it was a surprise just how well it did. So if people are still gungho and they want to see it, I think Hallmark would keep making them. And they’re a nice thing to have in January too, where things are kind of slowed down… It’s Hallmark’s ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.'”

Then McGarry joked, “I’d make the wedding veil more haunted if I was writing it. Maybe it’s floating at night.”

Alison Sweeney Mentioned the Possibility of a Christmas Movie

Alison Sweeney is open to many ideas, including a Christmas movie.

She told TV Insider: “I saw fans tweeting during the last movie — we do these live tweets during the premiere — and some were saying, there should be a Christmas episode or a vacation episode. And I was like, oh my gosh, that would be so fun, if we could do something like that, like ‘Downton Abbey’ doing a Christmas movie.”

She also  told ET Online that she would love to make more “The Wedding Veil” movies.

“Are you kidding?” she said. “We would have dinner together and pitch each other ideas for what the next movies could be. So yes, there’s definitely room for more ‘Wedding Veil’ magic and I’m here for it.”

Lacey Chabert Said She’d Love ‘The Wedding Veil’ to Continue with a New Trilogy

Lacey Chabert agreed. In her own interview, she has said that she’d love to see new trilogies in the future too.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Chabert said: “We have so much fun making these movies that if we had the chance to make another one? I guarantee you we could. We were even talking about potential future storylines and where we’d like to see the characters go and where we’d like to see the friendships grow. So hopefully it does really well and we have the chance to continue on.”

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