Where Was ‘The Wedding Veil Inspiration’ Filmed? See Cast Stories & Locations

A scene from "The Wedding Veil Inspiration"

Hallmark A scene from "The Wedding Veil Inspiration"

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “The Wedding Veil Inspiration”, premieres on Saturday, January 14, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Autumn Reeser, Paolo Bernardini, Lacey Chabert, and Alison Sweeney. The new “The Wedding Veil” trilogy consists of three films, and this one is the second in the series. Continue reading to find out more about the location where the filming took place.

‘The Wedding Veil Inspiration’ Was Filmed in Victoria, Canada

As was with the first movie in the new trilogy, most of the filming took place in and around Victoria in Canada. The place is known for its beautiful scenery and comfortable climate when it comes to filming. “The Wedding Veil Expectations” was filmed in mid-to-late October, and this second film in the new trilogy was shot in November. Bernardini confirmed with Survived the Shows’ podcast that the second movie was filled in Victoria. He said it took him about 24 hours to travel to Canada and he started filming the day after he arrived.

Bernardini took advantage of the location, specifically around Mount Douglas, to go out on hikes while filming in the area. He posted a beautiful shot on his Instagram account.

“Day off. Che dire? Just breath 🇨🇦” he wrote.

He also posted a few pictures of the places he visited while in Victoria, including mentioning that he visited Chinatown as well.

In a selfie of what looks like a hotel hallway, he wrote in Italian: “8am – thought I wasn’t suffering from jet lag… I was wrong ! 😵 💫🥴😂 #canada #blessed”

In this next series of pictures, he expressed how thankful he was to have visited Canada. Part of the translation reads: “Thank you for making me feel at home from the first moment I set foot on this beautiful earth. Victoria and Canada are now part of me, forever.❤️”

He also was on a podcast called Hallmark Happenings in which he talked about the new movie.

In the interview, he was asked about the filming locations and if it was shot in Italy at all.

Bernardini mentioned that he “shouldn’t say it” and when asked if it was Greece, a smirk came to his face. We can speculate that some of the filming might have been shot around there too, then! He might have confirmed it when he replied with “Yes, yes, yes, yes… I think Greece.” Of course, we also know that the third movie is filmed there, so it remains to be seen which he was referring to. He talks a lot about Italy in the interview too, so it is worth listening to!

Chabert said in a Facebook Live that at one point it was snowing while filming the movie. Bernardini added that this wasn’t normal.

“The funny story is that when I arrived to shoot the movie, I was in the car and was like, wow, the weather is so beautiful here,” he said. “I asked the guy who was driving if they got much snow there, he said, ‘No. Never. Once every 10 years.’ After? Snow everywhere.”

Meet the Cast


Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

Emma’s life plan is thrown off course when Paolo must return to Italy to take care of his father and she discovers a new passion for making art accessible to all.

The movie will focus on Emma and Paolo, who have difficult decisions to make this time around. Of course, the veil will be involved, but we’ll have to watch the movie in order to find out how!

Fans of Hallmark movies are quite familiar with Lacey Chabert, who plays the role of Avery in the trilogy. According to her profile, her voice has been used in a variety of animated movies and TV series, some of which are “The Wild Thornberrys” on Nickelodeon, “The Spectacular Spider-Man” on Sony, “Allen Gregory” on FOX, “Transformers: Rescue Bots” by Hasbro, and “Young Justice” by Warner Bros.

On the big screen, Chabert has been seen in movies such as “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” by Warner Bros., in which she co-starred with Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey; “Mean Girls,” the biopic directed by Anjelica Huston; “Daddy Day Care,” directed by Anjelica Huston; and “The Brooke Ellison Story” by A&E, in which she played the lead role in Christopher Reeve’s final directorial work.

As per her bio, Autumn Reeser, who plays Emma, has experience performing on stage, as well as on TV and in movies. At the moment, she and her two boys, Finn and Dashiell, reside in Los Angeles. As a result of her roles in films such as “The 27-Hour Day,” “Christmas Under the Stars,” “Valentine Ever After,” “I Do, I Do,” “Midnight Masquerade,” “Love at the Thanksgiving Parade,” “A Country Wedding,” “Love on the Menu,” and “Season for Love,” she is well-known to viewers of the Hallmark Channel.

Alison Sweeney, who plays Tracy in the trilogy, got her start in the performing business when she was just four years old, according to her profile. She became a member of the “Days of Our Lives” cast when she was 16. In addition to her long-running career as Sami Brady, for which she was nominated for an Emmy, Sweeney hosted 13 seasons of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” hosted a number of live TV specials, and made numerous appearances on popular TV series and true crime podcasts.

Paolo Bernardini, who plays Paolo in the trilogy, is from Italy but was born in Belgium, according to his bio. He made his debut in front of the camera in 1999 with “Gangs of New York,” directed by Martin Scorsese. After earning his degree in experimental cinematography from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in 2005, he started working in TV and film, appearing in both Italian and foreign productions. Filmmakers including Ridley Scott, Peter Greenaway, Mike Figgis, Roberto Faenza, Liliana Cavani, Marco Martini, and Marco Simon Puccioni have all directed films starring Bernardini over the years.

Hallmark also lists Kacey Rohl as Lily in “The Wedding Veil Inspiration,” along with Carlo Marks as Travis. Rohl is known for productions such as “V,” NBC’s “Hannibal,” and A&E’s “The Killing,” along with Fox’s “Wayward Pines.” Hallmark fans will recognize Marks from “Kismet Christmas,” “Making Spirits Bright,” “Christmas with the Darlings,” and his role as David on “Chesapeake Shores.”

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