WATCH: Tantalizing New Videos Build Hype for ‘Three Wise Men & a Baby’

Three Wise Men and A Baby

Hallmark Three Wise Men and A Baby

The highly anticipated new Hallmark movie, “Three Wise Men & a Baby,” premieres on Saturday, November 19 on the Hallmark Channel. Hype for the movie is quickly building, as the lead stars share tantalizing videos and social media posts about what to expect in the film.

Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, and Andrew Walker are starring in the movie, and they’ve all been sharing some sneak peeks about what to expect.

Hynes Shared a Series of Funny Clips

Hynes shared a dramatic and funny ice skating video on Instagram and wrote, “When asked, we go to work. 🧔🏻‍♂️👨👱🏻‍♂️&👶🏼+🧊”

One fan, @bremidd13, replied, “The BTS for this video is top tier and I’m sad once the movie airs it will stop… please tell me it won’t stop 😂😂😂.” Hynes wrote back, “Ask and you shall receive.”

He also shared a series of official photos from the movie, and thanked People for its coverage.

Another funny behind-the-scenes video showed Campbell and Hynes threatening to leave Walker behind for making new friends.

Hynes wrote, “Never abandon your brother. …Unless he’s making new friends.”

Walker joked, “Ahh there goes the ol ball n chain again. Holding everyone up! 😂”

Campbell replied, “I really wish we’d had fun making this movie.”

He also shared a video of the three of them chatting with Sirus XM about the movie.

He also shared this photo with the baby star of the movie.

Walker replied: “Star of the show right there. Couldn’t have done this thing without those precious cinnamon rolls. C&C ❤️”

Campbell & Walker Shared Funny Moments Too

Campbell’s also been busy on social media, sharing posts about the movie.

He shared this video and wrote, “One. More. Week.”

Hynes replied, “my modelling icon 🤍.” In another comment he added, “Shotgun being in the babybjorn next time.” Campbell lightheartedly replied, “only if I get to carry you,” and Hynes wrote back, “you’re already carrying me…(whispers) in your heart.”

Of course, fans loved this exchange and couldn’t stop joking about it.

Campbell also shared a trailer for the movie.

Fellow Hallmark star Cameron Mathison replied, “Looks amazing👏👏👏.”

Walker wrote, “Did you actually write this?? Did I actually get to work on this with you both?? 😮”

In a different post, Walker shared the same ice skating video that Hynes shared.

One fan replied, “Ok you 3 crack me up! Looking so forward to watching what a great team to pair together.”

Walker also shared a video of Hynes and Campbell joking around behind-the-scenes and wrote, “How can you not love these two…”

He added in the caption: “I hear that laughing everyday will extend your life. After spending 15 glorious days with these two I now may live to 140…”

Campbell replied, “Love you brother. Best three weeks I can remember in a long time.”

Kimberley Sustad Shared That She Co-Wrote the Movie with Campbell

In a different Instagram post, Kimberley Sustad (who just starred in “Lights, Camera, Christmas!” revealed that she co-wrote this movie with Campbell.

She wrote: “These guys poured their hearts and souls into it. I had the honour of co-writing it with @paulcampbellofficial and we held nothing back! Three Wise Men and a Baby. Let’s go!”

Hynes replied, “This movie is absolutely nowhere without your voice and talent. This movie is yours ❤️”

Walker wrote, “This picture is the perfect snapshot of the pure love and joy I felt every day going to work, saying your words and working with those 2 dudes. Love this. You’re brilliant.”

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