Tyler Hynes Warns Fans: New AI Impersonating His Voice Is ‘Terrifying’

Tyler Hynes on "Never Been Chris'd"

Tyler Hynes on "Never Been Chris'd"

Hallmark star Tyler Hynes recently warned his followers again about AI scam attempts. The latest warning came after a new AI that mimics his voice surprisingly well began messaging fans.

A Fan Account Shared an AI Voice That Sounded Just Like Tyler Hynes

The fan account Hynies_Headquarters on Instagram shared a reel showing an AI that could actually mimic Hynes’ voice with alarming clarity.

“Have you received one of these from this account?” they asked, posting a video of the AI and tagging Hynes. You can watch and listen to the reel below.

“I don’t voicemail my fans,” the AI account said. “But I was triggered to say thanks to you. I appreciate your kind comments. It’s the love I get from fans like you that keeps me going. I love you.”

Hynes commented to Hynies_Headquarters, “Terrifying. Thanks for looking out for each other 🤍.”

Hynes Said the Fake AI ‘Sounds Just Like Me’

Hynes reshared the video on his Instagram Story (which Hynies_Headquarters reposted here) to warn his followers.

On his share, Hynes wrote: “This is fake artificial intelligence that sounds just like me. This is terrifying. Please be safe. This is not and never will be me… If you have family and friends who are less scammer savy, Please look out for them. They could be quietly engaged with a scammer like this.”

Some followers reported being approached by fake Hynes accounts or even getting creepy voice messages themselves.

One fan replied to Hynies_Headquarters, writing: “This is just creepy. I haven’t received it, but I am getting a massive influx of fake friend requests. I’ve reported at least 10 in the last couple of days.”

Another fan wrote, “I have from another fake account and I’m like really.. watch his movies enough to know his voice.. I laughed and blocked and reported.”

Another person replied, “Voice kindasorta sounded like Tyler but what he was saying and how he said it didnt at all to me! Im gettin 4-5 Tyler requests to follow me a day and blockin and deleting them all- also quite a few on tiktok!”

Other fans reported getting similar messages too. One person wrote, “I had rec’d a short audio like this and no, doesn’t actually sound quite like him but it does sound close and it was short, like 8 seconds. … This sort of thing can be so easily done these days.”

This isn’t the first time Hallmark stars have been dealing with scammers.

Ryan Paevey has been calling out a scammer publicly on X (formerly known as Twitter), and a number of his fans have been reporting the account. But the account is still active on X as of the time of this article’s publication.

Many other Hallmark stars have reported being impersonated on various social media accounts by online scammers, Heavy previously reported. In response to all the fake accounts, Hallmark now has an official LinkTree page that lists official accounts for many of the major Hallmark stars, so there’s no confusion.

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