Tyler Hynes Dishes on Future With Paul Campbell & Andrew Walker

Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes in "Three Wise Men & a Baby"

Hallmark Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes in "Three Wise Men & a Baby"

Tyler Hynes recently opened up in media interviews about the success of “Three Wise Men & a Baby,” and how that might affect his future collaborations with fellow stars Paul Campbell and Andrew Walker.

Hynes Would Love to Make Another Movie With Campbell & Walker, But It Wouldn’t Be a Sequel

In an interview with Us Weekly, Hynes said he was very interested in making a future collaboration with Campbell and Walker.

He said: “Anything with (the) three of us getting into hijinks (sounds good).”

But he shared that most likely, their future projects will involve new characters rather than a sequel to “Three Wise Men & a Baby.”

“I feel like that could be something where you could find a group of us just getting into different situations,” he mused. “Being put behind very different characters and just watching that stew, (coming) together in the different ways it can with the same ingredients… (It) would be a really fun thing. We’re just scratching the surface.”

In an interview with TV Goodness, he shared the same sentiment, adding that he believes any story involving the stars will do well.

“I think the three of us in any kind of circumstance, or the four of us with Kim, whatever the characters, the setting, might be, if it’s well conceived and well executed — which I think, again, is not a challenge when you’re talking about talents like theirs — it’s all going to work,” he said.

Paul Campbell has shared similar feelings. In an interview with Wide Open Country, Campbell shared that while there won’t likely be an actual sequel following the characters’ lives, the stars want to do another movie together.

“The consensus was that a sequel would probably be a mistake only because it’s so difficult to rekindle that magic and tell a different story, but the same,” Campbell said. “We want to take the three of us — the three boys — and keep making different movies with the three boys. Reinvent ourselves every time. And so I think we can have a lot of fun.”

Campbell & Sustad’s Script Was a Key Part to the Movie’s Magic

Hynes told Us Weekly that a key part to the movie’s magic was Campbell and Kimberley Sustad writing the script together. He said he told Campbell: “Just remember how easy it was to materialize this movie. Don’t get shaken by if there’s any sort of success that comes about. Because we could do this all day long, every day, buddy.”

Walker previously told Us Weekly that he was also game for bringing the three stars back together too.

“Knowing Kimberly and Paul, they will come out with a brilliant concept that will blow everyone away,” he said. “I just gotta show up to work and not mess up, hopefully… The people have spoken.”

Campbell told Wide Open Country in December that the stars already have an idea they want to pitch to Hallmark.

“We have one idea that’s already percolating, and we’re going to have to float that by Hallmark Channel and see what they think,” he said.

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