WCTH Sneak Peek: Elizabeth Comforts Nathan & Reunites with an Old Friend

"When Calls the Heart" sneak peek

Hallmark/Heavy "When Calls the Heart" sneak peek

While last week’s episode of “When Calls the Heart” brought an unwelcome visitor to town, this week’s episode will see the return of a beloved character who will strike a very different tone in Hope Valley. And based on the trailers, there will be at least one very sweet moment between Nathan and Elizabeth.

This article will have minor spoilers for season 11 episode 7. 

Jack’s Younger Brother Returns to Hope Valley

According to Hallmark’s press release, season 11 episode 7 is called “Facing the Music.” The description reads: “The town of Hope Valley is presented with a new musical opportunity when an old friend returns… Elizabeth hopes for the best when Tom Thornton visits with an exciting opportunity for the town’s choir. Rosemary and Bill interview a source. Lucas considers his options.”

Max Lloyd-Jones is reprising his role as Jack’s brother, Tom Thornton. According to the When Calls the Heart Fandom wiki, Tom has appeared in seasons 2 and 5 previously. In season 2, Tom had a “wilder” life getting thrown out of drinking establishments. He and Julie Thatcher had a romantic connection, and Tom eventually got a job working with a shipping company, thanks to Jack’s help.

In season 5, he visited Hope Valley for Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding, and reunited with Julie.

Photo from new "When Calls the Heart" episode.

HallmarkPhoto from new “When Calls the Heart” episode.

However, the photos for the new episode show him spending quite a bit of time with Faith, interestingly.

One Sneak Peek Shows Jack’s Brother’s Return

In one sneak peek, we start out by seeing Tom singing and playing the piano at the saloon while Elizabeth watches. Rosemary and Lee are excited to see him too, and Lucas gets to meet him for the first time. Lucas tells him that his brother is a legend in Hope Valley.

A Trailer Shows a Sweet Moment Between Nathan & Elizabeth, and a Big Lead in Lucas’ Case

Hallmark also shared a trailer for the new episode.

Tom says he’s in town scouting choirs for a festival in Salt Lake City. The trailer includes a sweet moment between Elizabeth and Nathan. She talks about how Jack’s younger brother is used to being in Jack’s shadow, and Nathan seems to be able to relate. But she comforts Nathan when she tells him that she doesn’t consider him being in anyone’s shadow.

There’s also a trailer where a woman comes to Hope Valley saying that a “lady reporter” is going to prove her son Clayton is innocent.

She says that her son was with her the night of the election, which confuses Rosemary and Bill. Why would he confess?

In case you need a quick refresher, Lucas has very little memory of what happened to him when he was shot. He has begun to see some flashes of his shooting, but nothing in great detail.

Clayton Pike is a seasonal worker and poet, according to Parade, and he was captured in connection with Lucas’ shooting. He did confess to the shooting, but Nathan and Bill have always had their doubts.

Everything seems just too convenient, they’ve commented in previous episodes. And Rosemary agrees. Now, with Clayton’s mom in the picture, it seems like even more cracks in his confession are going to begin to appear.

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