What Happened to Jack’s Dog Rip on ‘When Calls the Heart’?

Crown Media Jack and Rip on When Calls the Heart.

If you’re a fan of When Calls the Heart on The Hallmark Channel, then you may remember a dog named Rip who starred frequently on the show. But shortly before Daniel Lissing left the show, his character’s dog was also gone. What happened to Rip? Sadly, Rip the dog died.

Erin Krakow Shared that Rip the Dog Passed Away

Crown MediaRip the Dog was loved by fans.

Unfortunately, the beloved Rip left When Calls the Heart because he passed away, Erin Krakow shared on Twitter in answer to a fan question.

The official When Calls the Heart Facebook page also shared about Rip’s death in May 2017, writing: “We were so sad to hear of the passing of Oscar, AKA Rip. He was a much-loved member of the cast and we hope he’s getting all his favorite treats across the Rainbow Bridge. 😢

Rip was a fan favorite on the show. In 2016, The Hallmark Channel even shared a video showing “a day in the life” of Rip when he’s on the set.

Some fans said that the show didn’t really handle Rip’s death well, even though a memorial to the pup was shared in the credits of one episode.

One fan wrote: “Rip’s character really should have been addressed within the storyline. Most people did not catch the memorial blurb and it is like the dog was completely forgotten by the characters. #Hearties @hallmarkchannel.”

Unfortunately, this is how the show sometimes handles departures of actors, whether of the canine or human variety. When Niall Matter left the show, his departure wasn’t really addressed even though the actor who played his son stayed on for some time longer.

On Facebook, one fan wrote about Rip’s death: “Aw, So this is what happened. When Jack came back, I couldn’t believe his sweet dog wasn’t even mentioned. I was looking everywhere for the dog to turn up. Sad.”

Another fan replied: “Me too. I hate it when they just disappear.”

In May 2020, a fan who was watching When Calls the Heart during the pandemic shared that they really missed Rip too.

Rip Was Portrayed by Oscar

Rip was portrayed by Oscar, a very talented pup. In the Season 3 episode called New Year’s Wish, Elizabeth had a scene where she tried to win over Rip, and it was absolutely adorable.

According to IMDb, Rip’s last episode was “Heart of a Fighter” in 2017. He appeared in 21 episodes of When Calls the Heart. The episode was dedicated to the memory of Rip.

Oscar also starred as Beenie the Dog in I’ll See You in My Dreams in 2015, as Abner in Abner, the Invisible Dog in 2013, as Butcher the Dog in Marison in 2011, and as Oscar in the 2010 video short Italian Deli II and Italian Deli. 

Rip was so beloved by fans that they even made drawings dedicated to him and Jack.

There were many sweet moments between Jack and Rip.

Sadly, both characters are now gone from the show. Daniel Lissing said he left for personal reasons, which required the show to kill off his character Jack. Lissing chose to move on from the show while contracts were being renegotiated, which meant that Canadian Mountie Jack Thornton had to leave too, ET shared.

But for Lissing, he had his own personal happy ending. In October 2019, Lissing got engaged to the love of his life, Nadia, ET reported. And now he’s happily married.

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