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Hallmark’s new series “The Way Home” just aired its season 1 finale on Sunday, March 26. The finale ended on a big cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering what’s next for the Landry family. While theories abound, the cast and producers are dropping a few clues about what to expect in season 2.

WARNING: There will be spoilers for the season finale in this article. 

The Pond Will Still Follow the Rules Established in Season 1

In an interview with TV Insider, executive producers Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke, and Marly Reed gave hints about what to expect in Season 2.

Clarke shared that they’ll be focusing more on the rules that govern the pond in season 2, including the idea that the pond sends people where they need to go, not necessarily where they want to go.

“Going into season 2, we’re leaning heavily into those rules,” Clarke said. “We’re not going to break them. So the pond does only take you where you need to go.”

Clarke added that the show will maintain its “twists and turns” style of storytelling in the new season.

“Nothing is straightforward,” Clarke said. “We are a show [with] twists and turns and unexpected surprises and shocks. That’s going to remain consistent through season 2, for sure.”

Season 2 Will Jump Forward a Bit in Time

In another interview with TV Insider, Conkie and Clarke revealed that season 2 will jump forward a bit in time from where season 1 left off.

Conkie said: “We do pick up where we left off, but because the nature of when we have to film, we do have to jump ahead very quickly. We’ll be filming (season 2) in the end of July, August, and we finished (season 1) in November. So the landscape has changed completely.”

Reed added that because the pond freezes over, they can’t really start right where season 1 left off, or no one would be able to travel in time.

“We’ve also set up that the pond freezes over,” she said. “So if we didn’t make a jump forward in time, we’d have our ladies sitting around waiting.”

Conkie also told TV Insider that the show might reverse the “curse” aspect of time travel in season 2.

“What we say in the room is that the show began with time traveling being a gift, and it went all the way through Episode 6 and on to become a curse,” Conkie said. “Hopefully we reverse that in season 2.”

Both Colton & Del Have Secrets That Still Need to Be Revealed

Reed told TV Insider that there’s more to Del and Colton’s story than what we’ve seen, and this will focused on more in the future. Clarke added that Del has her own secrets that haven’t yet been revealed.

“With both Del and Colton, there’s a lot more story to tell there,” Reed said. “And we do have a plan for future seasons to tell more of both of their stories.”

Kat’s “revelatory statement” in front of Del at the end of the episode is also going to open up more conversations, Clarke said. She said Del is more open now, which was demonstrated near the end of the finale when she talked about how much the girls mean to her.

“But no matter what Del gets after that, at the start of next season, what we need to focus on is where she’s at from a personal standpoint, when this information or not comes, if that make sense,” Clarke said.

Elliot Will Be Trying New Things in Season 2

Clarke told TV Insider that they’ll also be talking about what freedom means for Elliot in season 2.

Reed added: “He’s going to try some things and see if they work out for him.”

Clarke also told TV Insider that adult Nick will likely be showing up again in season 2, and his friendship with Elliot will be explored more.

The White Witch Will Be Explored More & Kat Will Be Riding Horses in Season 2

In an interview with TVLine, Chyler Leigh (Kat) talked a bit about the upcoming season and what she’s most excited to explore in season 2.

“Obviously, the white witch factor of it…” Leigh said. “From what I’ve been told that, I think I will be going back in order to, hopefully, help explain a little bit of what happened, because I’d like to know! Also, with Elliot, too, I’m kind of like, ‘Aww. But we have to get back together, don’t we?'”

Leigh adds that Kat would never give up if there’s even a chance at helping Jacob.

She then opined about whether or not Del already knows the truth about the pond.

“I don’t have all these answers yet, but I’m wondering myself,” Leigh said.

As far as what’s happening with Kat in 1814, Leigh said that producers have given her just the smallest of hints.

“I know they’re in the writers’ room as we speak right now,” she said, adding that she’s been asked if she wants to learn to ride horses for the upcoming season.

“I don’t know exactly how it’s going to be incorporated quite yet, but I have been asked if I have experience on a horse, and if not, would I be willing to take lessons, and I was like, ‘Absolutely!,'” she shared.

Jacob Has a Special Gift We Don’t Fully Understand

It also looks like Jacob has a special gift that hasn’t fully been revealed, based on statements the producers told TV Insider.

Clarke shared that even though Jacob is eight, “he is a bit of a gift to the world.”

She noted that he “sees things differently,” which has been pointed out several times in season 1. Del noted that he has “such an eye,” and Jacob was the only one in the family who ever saw or heard the dog who was visiting from the future.

Clarke added: “In our season 2, we’ll continue on with that, exploring that aspect of him and realizing, yes, he is a gift.”

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