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Bryan Baeumler

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HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler has been with the network (and its Canadian counterpart) on more than 5 shows since he first appeared in 2007. Now, in a May 23 Instagram post, Baeumler is pitching a new show title after a visit to an expansive barn in need of repairs.

“There’s something about the smell of an old barn that takes me back… I think ‘Barn of Bryan’ has a nice ring to it…🤔 #CountryBoy #Roots #FarmTime” Baeumler captioned the post.

What HGTV Shows Has Bryan Baeumler Hosted?

Although “Barn of Bryan” may not be a serious show pitch, its name would be in line with some of Baeumlers past shows on HGTV and HGTV Canada.

In 2007, Baeumler landed his first show on HGTV Canada, called “Disaster DIY”, which featured Baeumler as he travelled around the Toronto area helping fix failed do-it-yourself projects. The series ran for five seasons with over 90 episodes aired. By the time “Disaster DIY” ended in 2011, Baeumler had already aired the first season of his next show, “House of Bryan”. “House of Bryan” introduced Sarah Baeumler and the couple’s children to viewers, and ran for four seasons from 2010 to 2015. “House of Bryan” focused on bigger projects that lasted a full season rather than one-off renovations with new homeowners each week.

Bryan’s next show, “Leave it to Bryan” (his first show to also premiere in the United States) saw him returning to working with other homeowners as he helped encourage structural upkeep and renovations be made to homes rather than less urgent and necessary luxury renovations (like a new kitchen or bedroom). “Leave it to Bryan” lasted seven seasons, from 2012 to 2017. Production on “Leave it to Bryan” ended just as production on his next show, “Bryan, Inc.” began, which brought back the family life that was prevalent in the “House of Bryan” series and ran for two seasons from 2017 to 2018.

Bryan’s latest show to have he and his family as the centerpiece is “Island of Bryan” (known as “Renovation Island” in the United States), which has followed the Baeumlers as they moved to the Bahamas to live in and renovate a run-down resort with the aims of opening it up for tourists. The hit series began in 2019 and ended it’s fifth season in 2022, however HGTV Canada has announced that 10 episodes are being filmed for a 2023 follow-up season (which may be an entirely new series of its own, as it is currently referred to as “Untitled Baeumler Project”).

Fans Have Suggestions for Bryan Baeumler’s Barn Renovation

Although he has not confirmed whether he is renovating the barn pictured on his Instagram (or whether he would be filming any such renovations for television), fans decided to offer Bryan their advice on how to spruce up the barn in his post’s comment section.

“I think it needs Grandma Feather bed! Channeling my inner John D!” one fan wrote, referring to a John Denver song.

“Just imagine with Sarah could do with that a lot of frilly things there and a lot of frilly things here and a couple other fancy things over there and some chandeliers every 10 feet and then there’s your spot” another fan wrote.

“It needs a furry couch and maybe some gold accents” a third fan added.

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