HGTV’s Bryan & Sarah Baeumler Welcome New Addition to Their Family

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler

HGTV Canada / YouTube Sarah and Bryan Baeumler

HGTV’s “Renovation Island” stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are always looking for their next project, whether that be renovating homes, reviving a 50-year-old hotel in the Bahamas, or expanding their family. This Thursday, January 12, Bryan and Sarah introduced the world to the newest additions to their family, two newborn ducklings named Professor Fluffy Butt and Jelly Bean.

“Meet Professor Fluffy Butt and Jelly Bean! If you haven’t let your kids hatch chickens and ducklings in their bedroom and let them run around the house…well…you should. Caring for animals teaches children kindness, empathy and responsibility,” Bryan captioned his Instagram post featuring the two newborns, which the family hatched at home in an incubator.

See the first photos and video of the two ducklings below.

Bryan & Sarah Baeumler Hatch Ducklings With Their Family

Bryan Baeumler’s Instagram post with Professor Fluffy Butt and Jelly Bean features photos of the two hatchlings in their incubator in the Baeumler children’s bedroom, as well as a photo of the Baeumler’s daughter Josephine holding one of the ducks, and a video of Professor Fluffy Butt taking some of its first steps around the house.

Bryan confirmed for curious fans in the comments that the incubator they used was from Brinsea, which sells incubators on its website and on Amazon.

One fan raised concerns about people who hatch and raise ducks like the Baeumlers are, asking in the comments, “They are great but then what happens when they grow up and are no longer cute and easy to care for? I’ve seen too many former pet chicks and ducklings dumped into the wild to fend for themselves, and therefore meet an awful fate, to ever recommend they be pets.” Bryan confirmed that their family has the right resources to properly care for Professor Fluffy Butt and Jelly Bean now that they are hatched, responding, “that’s where learning responsibility and forethought comes into it…we have a coup at the farm, and a pond at the hotel.”

The Baeumler Family is No Stranger to Animals

Although they haven’t raised ducklings before, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have plenty of experience with different types of pets. On “Renovation Island” (which is known as “Island of Bryan” in the Baeumler’s home country of Canada), the Baeumler family and their crew had their cat, Moxie, two parakeets, and two dogs, to name a few. One of the dogs, Suzie, was adopted by one of the “Renovation Island” crew members during their time in the Bahamas, and she made herself right at home with the family.

“It just seems like she’s found her home, and I think she’s going to be here for a long time,” Sarah said of Suzie.

Besides the pets the Baeumlers have between their Florida and Bahamas homes, they also had a cat and a rabbit when they lived in Ontario, in Canada, however they had to leave these furry friends behind when they moved down to the Bahamas to film “Renovation Island”. Thankfully, Bryan and Sarah confirmed in a tell-all special that Bryan’s parents took over raising the family cat and rabbit, making sure to spoil them just as much as the Baeumlers did.

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