Christina Hall Starts Treatment for Unexpected Diagnosis: ‘Pretty Brutal’

Christina Hall and family

Getty Christina and Josh Hall with her kids -- Brayden, Taylor, and Hudson -- on January 28, 2023

Christina Hall has been on a mission to uncover the cause of her frequent health challenges and says a new round of testing revealed an unexpected result: parasites. The update comes a month after the HGTV star made headlines for revealing tests had shown her lead and mercury levels were high, which she blamed on the countless deteriorating houses she’s been in over the years. On January 30, 2023, she updated fans via her Instagram Stories, explaining the results of her latest tests and her alternative treatment regimen, which she described as “pretty brutal.”

Christina Hall Reveals Results of ‘Expensive, Extensive’ Testing

Christina Hall

HGTVChristina Hall on HGTV’s “Christina in the Country”

In two videos posted in her Instagram Stories last night, Hall shared that she’s “been on a mission to get to the bottom of what’s going on” and had just received new test results.

“I did an expensive, super extensive panel and I got all my results back for, like, 100 different types of molds and metals and bacterias. And my highest level of toxicity came back as an abnormal amount of gut bacteria, which is like SIBO, and also parasites.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, SIBO stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, which is the result of “an abnormal increase in the overall bacterial population in the small intestine — particularly types of bacteria not commonly found in that part of the digestive tract.”

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says millions of Americans are infected with different types of parasites. In fact, it says 14% of the population has been exposed to a parasite and that knowing which type a person has is critical for their treatment. The most common, per the CDC, is Toxoplasma gondii, which affects 60 million Americans, causing flu-like symptoms for some, while others never even realize they’re infected.

In her videos, Hall continued, “So those were my biggest conditions, and then after that, obviously, I have a little bit of heavy metals going on, too.”

Hall shared a page of her test results, ordered by her doctor at Lee Regenerative Medical Institute, an alternative medicine practice in Huntington Beach, California. Though there are remedies for both conditions via traditional medicine, including antibiotics and surgery for SIBO per Mayo Clinic, Hall is opting to stick with alternative medicine, including taking several “detox” supplements.

“So I’m on a cleanse and a parasite cleanse and I heard it gets worse before it gets better,” she said. “It’s pretty brutal, but I’m hoping at the end, I feel good.”

Hall said she can tell that the cleanse and supplements are having an impact.

“I can definitely feel it working,” she said.

Christina Hall Has Been ‘On a Mission’ to Figure Out Her Health Issues

Christina Hall

Getty Christina Hall of HGTV

Hall made headlines in late December when she said tests via a quantum biofeedback machine had revealed she had high amounts of lead and mercury in her system as well as SIBO.

“Most likely from all the gross houses I’ve been in (all the bad flips),” she wrote on Instagram.

The testing was done to help her figure out why she’s been facing so many health challenges in recent years. In a December 17 Instagram post, Hall shared that she was on a mission to find out the root cause of her “inflammation, autoimmune issues (Hashimoto’s disease, PCOS, Raynaud’s syndrome), unexplained skin rashes, joint and muscle pain, dry eyes, GI issues, SIBO, acid reflux, brain fog, hormone imbalances, swollen lymph nodes and adrenal fatigue.”

She also wrote that she tested positive for antinuclear antibody (ANA) and had an “inflammatory reaction” to an under-eye filler she later had dissolved. Hall said at the time she was also on a gluten-free and mostly dairy-free diet.

On January 12, Hall told E! News she was feeling “75 percent better.”

“I’m just really focused on doing a cleanse right now, eating super clean. I’m doing supplement detox and there’s a local wellness place nearby where I’ve been doing hyperbaric chambers and IVs.”