Erin Napier Shows Off Ben’s ‘Hardcore’ Transformation

Erin Napier

HGTV/Heavy HGTV's "Home Town" star Erin Napier praised her husband, Ben, for losing weight.

HGTV’s “Home Town” star Erin Napier praised her husband, Ben, for losing weight. The couple renovates houses in Laurel, Mississippi, their hometown.

“[Ben] got hardcore about his health and fitness last winter ahead of his big shoulder surgery that was in march so he could sleep better on his back and lower his BP,” Erin wrote via Instagram on July 17. “Mission accomplished.”

“What ya think, @people? Can I make the top 50 again? 😏 That’s my real motivation,” Ben added in the comments section.

Fans on Instagram said they applauded Ben’s new look.

“Good for him! Amazing! Hope his shoulder has completely healed,” says one of the top comments.

“He looks amazing but not himself. I hope his personality is the same,” a fan wrote.

“Maybe Ben should share how he did this! Many men need encouragement and not nagging!” a third added.

For his part, Ben hasn’t posted about his weight loss on his own Instagram account. He has shared pictures of his slimmer body, posing with Erin for the Fourth of July weekend. “These colors don’t run,” he said.

The Naipers have starred their show, HGTV’s “Home Town,” since 2016. They have also appeared in spinoffs like “Home Town Takeover,” and “Home Town Kickstart.” Their the owners of several businesses in Mississippi, like Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman Co. And, according to their biography on the website for their nonprofit, Osprey, they are “active members of their community in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.”

The Napiers are college sweethearts who have been married since 2008 and  have two daughters, 5-year-old Helen and 1-year-old Mae.

Erin Took Note of Ben’s Weight Loss Before

Erin’s July post wasn’t the first time she praised Ben for his weight loss.

The designer showed off her husband’s weight in March weeks before he had surgery on his shoulder to repair a torn rotator cuff.

“Somehow despite having a torn rotator cuff and us barging in and slowing him down daily, has been building a gym in the barn and lost many lbs. and holy smokes what a babe with good blood pressure 😄,” she wrote via Instagram at the time.

In a Twitter post, Erin said her husband had lost nearly 30 pounds. “Ben has lost 65 lbs. since we filmed the first day with chance and emily. here he is this week on our trip to California!” she tweeted.

How Did The Napiers Get a Show on HGTV?

Erin said she and Ben “didn’t intend” to make a TV show and that HGTV contacted them.

She said they had been renovating homes in Laurel, Mississippi, “for fun.”

“Just to see how far could we take Laurel,” Erin told Today. “How much improvement could we see if we did this? If we did that? And if you got these people involved, then what happens? And how does it change and grow?”

“Honestly, it started as a game for us,” Ben told the outlet.

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