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Ben and Erin Napier

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Early fall marks Homecoming week for colleges across the country. For HGTV’s Erin Napier’s alma mater, The University of Mississippi, Homecoming week 2022 began at the end of September, but that didn’t stop the designer and host from sharing a throwback photo from 2006 to her Instagram this week.

The post, captioned, “Now and then (2006) w/ @rebeccarorie and @malraz @olemiss,” shows a side-by-side of a current photo of Napier with her college friends, Mallorie Rasberry (who is also her cousin by marriage) and Rebecca Rorie, along with a photo of the trio at a bar together back in their college days.

Napier’s mother, Karen Rasberry, commented on the post, “Time has been very good to the three of you. Just as beautiful and a lot wiser now,” to which Rorie responded, “Just slightly more tired. 😂”

See Napier’s post below:

What Did Erin Napier Study in College?

Erin Napier’s throwback photo was taken in the middle of her college career. The “Home Town” host began classes at Jones County Junior College in Mississippi and graduated from The University of Mississippi in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design, according to her alumna profile on the school’s website.

After school, Erin began her career in corporate graphic design but decided to give up the steadiness of corporate life to pursue her artistic passions. This first meant opening a stationery company, Lucky Luxe (which is still active today), and eventually led to her design and renovation work with her husband Ben Napier and the HGTV shows they are known for today.

According to their school’s newspaper, the Napiers are still involved and often give back to their alma mater. They have even gone back as guest speakers since graduating.

Erin’s friend, Mallorie Rasberry, married her cousin Jim and lives right near Erin and Ben in Laurel, Mississippi. Fans may recognize her from her appearances on “Home Town”. The third college friend in Erin’s post is Rebecca Rorie, who holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Ole Miss, both in accountancy. Erin posted some photos from Rorie’s wedding to her blog back in 2010, where fans can see Erin, Mallorie, Rebecca, and Ben, along with some of the groups other good friends.

Erin & Ben Napier Decided to Get Married After Six Days

Erin and Ben Napier first met at Jones County Junior College. According to People, the two met in passing multiple times, and had crushes on each other, however they didn’t hit it off until Erin interviewed Ben for the school yearbook.

“Six days later we decided we would get married, and that was that,” Erin said.

Although they decided on it then in 2004, the two didn’t get engaged until later in college. As Ben describes in their book, “Make Something Good Today”, he proposed to Erin at one of their favorite bookstores, Square Books. Although there wasn’t a six-day rush, Ben writes that there was a brief misunderstanding when he asked Erin’s father for his blessing to propose:

My voice was a little shaky as I cut right to it. “Well, I’d like your permission to ask Erin to marry me next Friday, the twenty-first.” The smile on his face faded into a kind of grimace and he took a beat. “That seems soon, don’t you think, Ben?”

I was caught off guard. I began to sweat and just let my mouth run, not so eloquently. “Well, we’ve been dating for a few years now, and . . . and . . . and I love her very much, and . . . and . . . well, when do you think I should propose?”

My hands began to shake, and Phil leaned for- ward in his chair. “Let me get this straight, Ben. You’re wanting to marry Erin next Friday? What’s going on?”

Luckily, Ben was able to clear up the misunderstanding, and Erin said yes when he asked her to marry him at Square Books surrounded by their closest friends.

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