Erin Napier ‘Teary’ At Husband Ben’s Update

Erin Napier is emotional at Ben's post

The Drew Barrymore Show / YouTube Erin Napier is emotional at Ben's post

For many HGTV personalities, hosting their hit shows is not their only way of earning money. Many have other businesses and partnerships that they begin both before and after their success on television. This is no different for “Home Town” stars and Laurel, Mississippi natives Ben and Erin Napier.

In a recent Instagram post, Ben took an opportunity to thank fans for supporting their business, and thank the employees of their Laurel Mercantile Co. store, Scotsman Company, and their newest business, the Scent Library, and his post is making his wife Erin emotional in the comments.

See Ben’s post, and hear why Erin is “teary” after reading it, below.

Ben Napier Asks Fans to Shop At Small Businesses

Ben Napier’s Small Business Saturday post features employees of the Napiers’ businesses at work on a number of tasks including woodworking, stocking shelves, and cleaning displays, along with some group photos.

“#smallbusinesssaturday is the only ‘shopping holiday’ I really care about. This day isn’t about saving money, it isn’t about consumerism, it isn’t about putting a big corporation back in the black. Today is about putting food on peoples tables and presents under their trees. It’s about keeping small town America alive. @erinapier and I along with our business partners and all the employees across our company are grateful for your business, and we hope you do a little holiday shopping with the little businesses in your hometowns this year,” Ben’s caption reads.

Many fans resonated greatly with Ben’s post, and let him know in the comments.

“You guys get what you give and you’ve given so much out to the world. It’s important to keep small business going is the backbone of this country and it is what will keep this country free and moving forward. Keep it up,” one fan wrote.

“I’m grateful to y’all for keeping your business in and around Jones county. The jobs you have created are much needed. You are blessed and a blessing. ❤️” another fan added, lauding the Napiers for their work.

Erin Napier was among those sharing gratitude in the comments, writing, “okay this is making me teary seeing our awesome team. means a whole lot for each of them to have a livelihood because of our customers. ❤️”

How Did Small Business Saturday Start?

Small Business Saturday is a day-long event that encourages people to shop locally at small businesses and is held the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year, right after Black Friday.

According to Farm Bureau Financial Services, Small Business Saturday began in 2010 as an American Express marketing campaign to grow small businesses’ exposure and get people out and shopping during the holiday season. In 2011, President Obama, along with other elected officials, began recognizing the day and sharing support for small businesses. While the date is not an official government holiday, it was with this support that Small Business Saturday grew and became well-known and established in the public eye.

Small Business Saturday has grown every year, and American Express has even estimated that consumers have spent a total of more than $120 billion at small businesses on Small Business Saturday in the past decade.

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