Ben Napier Gives Behind the Scenes Look at Building Erin’s Scent Library

Erin Ben Napier

HGTV "Home Town" star Ben Napier gave fans a sneak peek at his wife's scent library.

It’s getting real! “Home Town” stars Ben and Erin Napier are about to open Erin’s scent library, dubbed Laurel Mercantile Co., in Laurel, Mississippi.

Ben brought attention to the wood they used while constructing the library.

“The thing that I am most proud of is the highly figured quarter sawn white oak we used in building the shelves and furniture for the library,” he wrote in a November 3 Instagram post. “I can’t give TOO much away because the circulation desk is a part of an episode coming up, but you can see some of the building process if you swipe through.”

Ben added, “My shop and our factory worked together to produce some incredible pieces that would make scents in any historic building across this country. #ScentLibrary.”

The Scent Library Is a ‘Dream Come True’ For Erin

Erin celebrated the opening of her scent library, which is slated to open its doors on November 6. Erin’s idea behind the library is to have scents that are arranged like books. She wants to be able to produce a scent so people can recapture a memory, the same way a picture does with the eyes.

Their motto is, “Every scent tells a story.”

In her November 2 Instagram post, Erin said the scent library is a “huge” dream “realized.”

“We’ve not found another experience like it anywhere in the world: a library of our 50+ signature fragrances all housed by topic like books in a library because every scent tells a story,” she wrote.

“A wonderful fragrance is a form of time travel — we are there again in that memory the moment we smell it again,” she continued. “You can take photos to remember a moment, but I wanted more: a way to capture the feeling with a scent.”

The goal of the scent library is for people to walk away with an “experience.”

“It’s like walking into a miniaturized Boston Public Library and there’s candles everywhere and room sprays and soaps, so it’s going to be a very unique experience that I don’t think anyone’s ever seen before,” Erin said on  Southern Living’s “Biscuits and Jam” podcast, per People. 

‘Home Town’ Was Renewed for Season 6

“Home Town” fans don’t have to worry about waiting for another season. Deadline confirmed there would be a sixth season of the HGTV series, which will contain 20 episodes.

The series — where the Napiers renovate outdated homes in Laurel, Mississippi — is slated to debut on December 4.

The new season is going to specifically focus on their own home renovation in Laurel. The Napier’s purchased a home and dream of creating a space where they can watch their children — Helen and Mae — grow and make memories of their own with their family and friends, Deadline reported.

The HGTV stars said on Southern Living’s “Biscuits and Jam” podcast that their house reveal is one of the “funniest” yet. Their moms had very different reactions to the re-do.

Erin’s mom was immediately emotional, getting choked up when she saw on the family photos posted on the walls, they said on the podcast, according to People. They couldn’t say the same about Ben’s mom, who couldn’t even tell if anything was done.

“Oh my gosh, we literally took the entire kitchen out,” Erin said while giggling.

That’s not all the Napiers have in store for fans. They also have a new one-hour holiday special,  “Home Town: Christmas in Laurel,” which will air on November 27. The Napiers are going to cook some of their favorite foods and look back at a few of their renovations.

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