Angel Strawbridge Reveals Secret Room in Her Chateau

Escape to the Chateau


Angel and Dick Strawbridge of HGTV’s “Escape to the Chateau” have been taking viewers along on their journey of renovating their fairy tale castle from 1874 in Pays de la Loire, France. Every detail is being attended to as the couple makes their way from room to room in between hosting gorgeous weddings at the chateau. Along the way, viewers are treated to the affection between the couple and get to look at the scrumptious meals Dick whips up in the chateau’s kitchen.

Viewers may feel they’ve seen every nook and cranny of Chateau de la Motte-Husson during the Strawbridge’s lengthy renovations. That’s simply not true as a video of a tour of the chateau revealed.

Here’s what you need to know about the secret room Angel Strawbridge revealed in her chateau:

Angel Accidentally Revealed Dick’s Secret Room

Angel and Dick moved to France from the UK in 2015 to live in and renovate their chateau (and the 12 acres it sits on), The Mirror reported, and since then, viewers have been able to follow their journey and see the 45 rooms the home has. Well, it turns out there is one room that fans of the show had not seen … until Angel unceremoniously marched into it, surprising Dick.

The couple was filming a video tour of their home and at one point Dick broke away from the camera and retreated off-screen. Angel continued the tour and, at one point, opened a door to a room and shocked Dick. Reporting from The Sun revealed that the room was Dick’s secret room — one that had previously not been seen on their TV show or website.

Dick created a secret recording studio in the chateau and when Angel walked in with the camera recording, he was shocked, according to the outlet. As Angel approached the door, she was chattering about how busy her husband was. He stood up and said, “Oh, hello. You’re just coming in and pointing a camera at me. I’m about to get in here and be busy.” Angel cheekily replied, “Sorry, do you want me to close the door? I’ll be quiet, although I don’t need to because you’ve got a recording booth.”

Angel then walked off down the hall continuing her tour. What fans want to know is what is Dick recording in that mini studio? Is an “Escape to the Chateau” podcast on the horizon? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to that… yet.

Dick Got His Revenge on Angel for Exposing His Man Cave

In the most recent episode of the popular show, Dick may just have gotten his revenge for Angel bursting in to film his secret room. Express reported that Dick wanted to take advantage of the cool temperature and lack of wedding events happening at the chateau to trim back some of the overgrown trees on the property. Angel was less than impressed.

The outlet revealed that Angel started to get upset, saying,”If you’re cutting down the trees you have to allow me to freak out.” As Dick started cutting branches off the first tree, she said, “Oh my goodness, I just can’t look. Honestly, I just don’t feel well.” She continued to freak out as Dick cut branches. Eventually, he laughed and said, “I’ve never done this with eucalyptus before, but we have to do this,” as he piled the branches on the ground.

The couple does see an end to the renovations of the chateau in sight. On the podcast “Sweat, Snot and Tears,” Angel said, “I think what the next year holds for us is us getting to a point where we are not constantly thinking renovation. We’ve had years and years and years of it. And we’ve loved every minute of it. But we’re getting comfortable here. We’ve got toilets that work, light switches that turn on… it’s a novelty,” she concluded.

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