Heather El Moussa Shares Major ‘Selling Sunset’ ‘Cast Shakeup’

Heather El Moussa

E! News / YouTube Heather El Moussa

Before joining her husband Tarek El Moussa on an HGTV show of their own, Heather El Moussa began her reality television career in 2019 on Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” along with her coworkers at the Oppenheim Group real estate agency in Los Angeles.

During the couple’s first in-person interview since having their son, Tristan, at the end of January 2023, Heather and Tarek sat down with E! News to talk about their newest family member, their HGTV show “The Flipping El Moussas” and “Selling Sunset”, including some “cast shakeups”. According to E! News, filming for season seven of “Selling Sunset” began eight weeks after Heather gave birth to Tristan (and before the sixth season started airing).

When asked how filming was going, Heather revealed, “Season seven is filming right now but I’ve been off maternity leave and I’ve been excited to get back to work and so far I have not been called back,” which led to a moment of silence in the room before correspondent Keltie Knight asked, “Wait, what?”

Heather went on to say, “It’s been a little frustrating, so not sure what’s been going on.”

Heather El Moussa Has Been With ‘Selling Sunset’ Since Day 1


E! News went on to ask Heather (who has “been there from the pilot”) if she thinks her HGTV show has any part in her not being called for “Selling Sunset” season seven, and her husband Tarek responded, saying, “‘The Flipping El Moussas’ is our family show on HGTV and Heather, she filmed with me quite a bit in season one. It was a very fun and exciting season, a lot different than shows we’ve done in the past,” saying the show’s focus is less on the home than it was in “Flip or Flop”, giving some of that focus to the business of flipping as well as the El Moussa family’s personal lives, including Heather’s pregnancy.

Some fans agree with the theory that Heather’s HGTV show may be part of this reason, with several commenting on a March 30 YouTube clip of the interview.

“The show on HGTV is probably the reason she might not be back. It is a conflict of interest,” one user wrote.

“Sounds like they are hating on Heather for having other shows and things going on?! Get your coins, Heather!” another user added.

Some fans had theories of their own, with one user commenting, “I like Heather but she was always above the ‘drama’ on the show. She was just enjoying her life, her man and their kids. Might be why they aren’t calling her back. They need a little misery on there to keep it juicy.”

“That show seems so stressful and toxic to film. It’s probably a blessing in a disguise that they didn’t call her back,” a fourth fan added, looking for a silver lining.

Heather El Moussa is Still Close With Her ‘Selling Sunset’ Castmates

Despite not knowing if she will be involved in the seventh season of “Selling Sunset”, Heather still has a close relationship with her “Selling Sunset” co-stars, especially Chrishell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald, two other original cast members. Stause and Fitzgerald both posted to Instagram on March 6 after spending an evening with Heather and meeting baby Tristan for the first time, with Stause writing, “Had the BEST girl catch up yesterday and got to meet baby Tristan 😍🥰🥰🥰🥹Heart melted!”. Stause also commented “👏👏👏👏” on Heather’s March 30 Instagram post about that night’s episode of “The Flipping El Moussas”.

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