‘Felt Impossible’: HGTV Hosts Relieved as Filming Wraps on ‘Home Town Takeover’

Dave and Jenny Marrs

Cornerstone Building Brands HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" hosts Dave and Jenny Marrs filmed "Home Town Takeover" in Fort Morgan, Colorado

After nearly four months of conducting major renovations throughout the small town of Fort Morgan, Colorado, HGTV‘s exhausted crews and talent have packed up their gear and wrapped filming the second season of “Home Town Takeover.”

Featuring network stars Ben and Erin Napier of “Home Town” and Dave and Jenny Marrs of “Fixer to Fabulous,” it was such a huge undertaking that Jenny recently admitted on social media that filming the show “felt impossible at times.” And she’s not the only one who felt that way…

‘Home Town Takeover’ Wraps Filming in Fort Morgan, Colorado

When the Napiers filmed the first season of “Home Town Takeover” in Wetumpka, Alabama, they realized what a huge commitment it was to transform a town that was hours away from their home in Laurel, Mississippi, even with the help of local residents and construction crews. So when HGTV asked them to do a second season in Fort Morgan, Colorado, they knew it would be too much to handle themselves, especially now that they have two young daughters.

They recruited the Marrs to help, who have five kids of their own. In an Instagram post on November 11, 2022, Jenny celebrated the end of filming, saying it’s been really hard but very rewarding.

“Feeling so immensely grateful to have been a part of this experience,” she wrote. “We worked alongside the most amazing and dedicated crew here in Fort Morgan over the past four months to pull of 18 renovations (while still working on dozens of projects back home for Fixer to Fabulous). It felt impossible at times but we did it! It absolutely takes a village and we have loved being a part of this one. We are going to miss these amazing people SO MUCH!”

The Napiers and Marrs surprised the town’s residents in late July 2022 when they appeared on Main Street to announce Fort Morgan had been chosen as the site of HGTV’s next huge makeover. The two couples then divided up the 18 projects, including renovations of homes, businesses, and community spaces, and also relied on some other well-known HGTV personalities for help.

HGTV hired many local construction crews, artisans, and designers to help with all of the projects, plus “Rock the Block” host Ty Pennington helped makeover a local family’s ice cream shop in September and, in October, Page Turner of “Fix My Flip” unveiled the new signage and landscaping at the town’s 100-year-old Rainbow Bridge, according to the Fort Morgan Times.

HGTV Designer Says Team ‘Could Not Get a Break’ Some Days

HGTV personality Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, who was on “Home Town Kickstart” and host of “Going For Sold,” was an integral part of the “Home Town Takeover” behind-the-scenes as part of a six-woman design team managing projects in Fort Morgan since July.

She, too, said transforming the town took a behemoth effort. On November 11, she posted an Instagram video of herself driving and talking about how proud and excited she was after wrapping filming on the show.

“Eighteen projects in Fort Morgan — that’s six residentials, six commercial properties and six community projects,” she said. “It literally takes everybody coming together, an entire team, such an amazing crew, the town of Fort Morgan. Everybody just really chipped in and made this happen and it just feels so good. It feels so good!”

Tjon-Joe-Pin continued, “You just don’t know what you’re capable of until you get to the end. And it’s just like, the journey to get there, all the challenges, all the tears, the bumps, the bruises. I have lots of bruises, my knees hurt, my back hurts, everything hurts.”

“But this is just such a great moment I just wanted to live in and be able to come back and watch this video and remember how it felt,” she said. “You know when, in those moments where you just feel like you’re not going to make it through? Because we had so many, so many moments. And there were multiple days where it felt like we just could not get a break and we could not get a win.”

She continued, “It really is like what we go through in life. You know, all the ebb and flow and the challenges, and you just can’t see through the fog of the funk. And somehow, somehow you make it through on the other end and you’re able to turn around and look at what you were able to accomplish and what we all were able to accomplish and create together. I think it’s so dope to be able to tell our kids that we helped revitalize and renovate a town. A freakin’ town!”

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