Ty Pennington Spotted Filming Secret Project For HGTV

Ty Pennington

Getty HGTV host Ty Pennington in 2014

Ty Pennington just revealed he’s working on a “top secret” project with HGTV, and wasn’t allowed to say where he was or why on social media. But a couple of subtle clues in the background of a new video revealed what Pennington and his crew are up to. Here’s the scoop on where he is and what’s likely going on…

Pennington Posted From ‘Top Secret’ Location

Midday on September 12, 2022, Pennington posted an Instagram video from a “top secret” location, showing snippets of him on scaffolding, tearing old shingles off the roof of a storefront, and joking around with a handful of crew members.

In the caption, Pennington wrote, “TOP SECRET SNEAK PEEK. School is back in session and so are we! Feels good to be back on set. Had a blast filming for a new show… can’t say what it is yet but stay tuned! You guys are gonna love this.”

With an ambulance parked in the background, the longtime home improvement host, who’s known for goofing around on set, started the video by joking, “Hey guys, look! We’ve got an ambulance standing by for the crew! That’s exciting. So you know it’s gonna be a big day.”

After a wardrobe change into a different shirt and a ballcap, Pennington prepared to put on a harness to keep him safe while working on the roof.

“Oh! I get to get myself in a harness. This is gonna be great because you have to adjust yourself, you know, so it’s not really painful,” he revealed, and was then joined by a crew member named Brian to help strap him in.

“Brian is helping with my harness. Now, Brian, of course, has been harnessed most of his life, mostly for physical and mental issues, but he’s been let out,” Pennington joked.

“Mostly mental,” Brian quipped, smiling wide.

“Anyway, it’s sort of a secret project we’re working on,” Pennington said, before joking that the ambulance was there to give him a full physical check-up, including a prostate exam.

Follow the Clues: Here’s Where HGTV is Filming With Pennington

ice cream shop in fort morgan, co

Phil for Colorado 2018/YouTubeThe Mosqueda family’s ice cream shop in Fort Morgan, Colorado

Heavy tracked down some subtle clues from Pennington’s video to pinpoint his location: Fort Morgan, Colorado. That’s the town of 11,000 chosen to be revitalized for season 2 of “Home Town Takeover,” as announced by hosts Erin and Ben Napier, along with fellow HGTV couple Dave and Jenny Marrs, in late July.

The two couples have already begun filming and working on renovation projects throughout Fort Morgan on homes, businesses, and public spaces. That show is scheduled to air in early 2023.

The first clue Pennington was in the small town was the sign for The Club Tap, a Main Street bar that’s open 365 days a year. The sign could be seen briefly behind Pennington as he was ripping shingles off the roof of the storefront next to the bar. Other clues included the ambulance from Morgan County and a brief shot of the blue Fort Morgan lamppost flags that line the town’s Main Street.

The roof that Pennington was working on belongs to a building where a local family opened a colorful Mexican-American ice cream shop called La Michoacana in 2016. According to an article in the Fort Morgan Times that year, Gloria Mosqueda and her sister-in-law Blanca opened the shop to offer a mix of traditional Mexican treats and homemade ice cream including traditional and more “exotic” flavors. At the time, all six employees were family members.

In the 2016 article, Mosqueda revealed that their ice cream was being made at an out-of-town facility, but her hope was to eventually expand their kitchen into the building next door, which the family had also purchased, so they could make all of their sweet treats on-site.

In 2018, Gloria Mosqueda was interviewed by a local political campaign about her love of Fort Morgan and her experience as an entrepreneur there. She shared that she arrived in the United States with her family when she was 4, moved to Fort Morgan when she was 12 and never left.

“I wouldn’t trade Fort Morgan for anything,” she said, but admitted she had been scared about whether the town would embrace their dessert business. “After we opened up and people started coming in, our community is awesome. They took us right away.”

It appears the shop’s name, per Google, has recently been changed to Mosqueda Delicacies, Ice Cream & More. Their new Facebook page indicates the dessert shop is temporarily closed, with no posts other than two generic images of the letter M, first added on August 1 — right after HGTV’s big announcement about “Home Town Takeover” and just as residents and business owners were being notified about the projects HGTV intended to take on.

On Pennington’s post about the “top secret” project, “100 Day Dream Home” co-host Brian Kleinschmidt left an enthusiastic comment. He wrote, “Yes! Let’s go” and added several emojis, to which Pennington replied “Whoop!”

Interestingly, on August 27, Kleinschmidt and his wife, Mika, shared on social media that they’d traveled from Tampa, Florida, to Pennington’s home base in Savannah, Georgia, for a mystery meet-up. Whether they, too, are somehow involved in the project Pennington is working on remains to be seen.

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