Why Mina Starsiak Hawk Does Not Consider Herself To Be a ‘Supermom’

Mina Starsiak

Getty HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk poses at the premiere of "A Very Brady Renovation" in 2019.

HGTV personality Mina Starsiak Hawk recently opened up about being a working mother. During a July 2021 interview on the “HGTV Obsessed” podcast, the “Good Bones” star shared how she manages to host a popular home renovation show, be the owner of Two Chicks and a Hammer, and take care of her children Jack, 3, and Charlotte, who was born in September 2020. The host of “HGTV Obsessed,” Marianne Canada, asked Hawk “how has [her] work-life balance shifted since [she] had two kids,” and encouraged her to “share [her] secrets.”

The 36-year-old responded that mothers who work outside the home are often presented with this question, whereas their male partners are not. She noted that her husband, Steve Hawk, who she wed in 2016, “hears these interviews [she does] and says no one asks [him],” despite also being “a full time working parent.”

“Steve and I both work full time, neither of us really ever had the desire to be stay-at-home parents, although he jokes about it a lot. He might want to now but, you know,” shared Hawk.

The Hawk Family Has a Nanny

During the “HGTV Obsessed” interview, the famed home renovator stated she hired a nanny to look after Jack “when he was 6-months.”

“She has been like the most amazing thing. She’s part of our family. She lives at the house and the kids love her, so she was with Jack from pretty early on and really makes it manageable to be able to keep working full time,” said Hawk.

The mother-of-two also noted that her father and stepmother watch her son “Sunday nights just because they want to hang out with him.” She asserted that “there isn’t a secret” to being a successful working mother and insisted that she “lean[s] on a lot of people.”

“I am a workaholic and I like working. Like getting things done actually de-stresses me because if they are just floating out there, you know, I’m a hot mess and probably unpleasant to be around, so knowing that the kids are good, helps a lot,” said Hawk.

The HGTV star then shared that she does not consider herself to be a “supermom,” as she receives help from others.

“There’s not much of a secret, just the secret is that I don’t do it by myself, which I think a lot of people kind of let that mistruth hang out there in their world and I don’t know why. But no, I’m not supermom — just got lots of friends,” shared Hawk.

Mina Starsiak Hawk Shared Information About Her Children in a June 2021 Interview

While speaking to Us Weekly in June 2021, Hawk shared some updates on her children. She noted that “Charlotte just got two teeth” and enjoys eating hot dogs. She also shared that “Jack is potty trained like pretty much.”

“He put himself to bed on his little blow up mattress two nights ago without a diaper on and made it through the night so I was like okay, I think it’s official then,” said the Two Chicks and a Hammer co-founder.

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