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HGTV is always looking to expand its slate of original programming, ordering new programs for a variety of reasons including an exciting new host or eye-catching concept. In a September 12 press release, the network announced that their newest show would be based off of a popular Instagram account.

HGTV revealed the series order of a brand new show, “Zillow Gone Wild”, based on the @ZillowGoneWild Instagram account (which boasts over 1.8 million followers). According to the release, the new series will feature eight 30-minute episodes and one hour-long finale, with each episode highlighting three unique homes, along with the history of the home and a tour throughout the space.

“Millions of people are obsessed with scrolling through outrageous and over-the-top properties on social media while dreaming about where they would like to live,” an HGTV executive said in the release, “’Zillow Gone Wild’ will take the fascination a step further by giving fans a cheeky glimpse inside the most unusual homes on the market, offering those unexpected ‘wow’ moments that will keep viewers coming back for more.”

No premiere date has been revealed, however the “Zillow Gone Wild” premiere is expected to air in early 2024.

Fans React to the ‘Zillow Gone Wild’ Announcement

Fans across social media were excited about the new series order from the network.

HGTV shared the announcement on its Instagram page on September 12, with one user commenting, “Would love tours inside of these unusual homes! 🙌” and another writing, “finally 🥹 🏡”.

One user also shared the “Zillow Gone Wild” announcement to an HGTV fan page on Reddit, leading many users to chime in with their thoughts on the announcement as well.

“Not sure how they’ll bring an Instagram account to reality but I’ll definitely give this a watch. I just hope it’s not as boring as ‘Cheap Old Houses’ was,” one user wrote.

“I love Zillow gone wild! I will definitely watch,” another Reddit fan shared.

“One of my favorite IGs – will def watch,” a third user added.

The official Zillow Gone Wild Twitter account also shared the news, with replies to their announcement reading, “Congratulations! Started from a little twitter account and now we’re here!” and “Congratulations 🎉 💐 🎉 to my favorite realty site for houses I will never buy but appreciate.”

When Was the @ZillowGoneWild Instagram Page Started?

According to House Beautiful, the Instagram account from which HGTV’s newest show gets both its name and concept was started in 2020 by Samir Mezrahi, who also runs the popular meme account @KaleSalad.

In the early months of having the account, Mezrahi spoke with the LA Times about what he thinks draws users to the unique homes he posts, saying, “Either they’re millennials looking to buy or it’s like Pinterest: You like looking at houses, maybe for inspiration, maybe for aspiration. Maybe you’re looking in random towns you wish you would live in or want to move to someday.”

A Zillow spokesperson also spoke to the LA Times, saying that while Zillow itself had no involvement with the account, they appreciated the love their website was getting from users who would go “Zillow surfing” during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, saying, “During a difficult time when a lot of us are thinking about where and how we want to live, we appreciate the Zillow love, and welcome all daydreamers.”

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