‘Rock the Block’ Episode 3 Live Recap: Who Won the Main Suite Redemption?

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Last week’s episode of HGTV’s hit renovation competition series “Rock the Block” saw a series-first tie in the Living Room Redemption challenge. Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas (from “Bargain Block”) and Bryan & Sarah Baeumler (from “Renovation Island” and “Battle on the Beach”) each took home the win and entered tonight’s week three Main Suite Redemption challenge with an extra $2,000.

Read ahead for a live recap of the third episode, including who wins the Main Suite Redemption challenge.

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers for “Rock the Block” season 5 episode 3, “Main Suite Redemption” (March 18, 2024). Do not read ahead if you do not want the winner of this episode spoiled.

‘Rock the Block’ Season 5 Episode 3: Live Recap

Heading into week three, Page Turner & Mitch Glew (from “Fix My Flip”) are tied with Keith & Evan and Bryan & Sarah with one weekly win, after taking home first place in the premiere episode’s Kitchen Redemption. “Unsellable Houses” stars Lyndsay Lamb & Leslie Davis are the only team left without a win.

The episode began with host Ty Pennington presenting the teams with their Main Suite Redemption challenge. The teams were tasked with renovating the main bedroom, bathroom, and closet spaces. Ty also announced this week’s guest judge, Kristina Crestin (from “Farmhouse Fixer”), who competed in “Rock the Block” season 4.

During planning, the teams pointed out that in their original seasons Page judged Lyndsay & Leslie and Keith & Evan’s Main Suites in season 3, and the “Unsellable Houses” stars came back to judge Page & Mitch and Bryan & Sarah’s in season 4.

Lyndsay & Leslie won the Main Suite challenge in their original season, so they were determined to get the win this time, focusing on a big spa-like bathroom complete with a sauna, steam shower, and cold plunge pool, as well as a huge closet that included a shoe spinner, in a nod to their winning season 3 design.

Page & Mitch wanted redemption after losing the Main Suite in season 4, with a focus on an “unforgettable” closet. They decided to face their bed towards the oceanfront view and give their third-floor balcony an indoor-outdoor feel by screening it in. They also opted to make their main bathroom one big wet room by utilizing Moroccan plastering.

Keith & Evan were invigorated by getting the win last week, the first in their “Rock the Block” careers. They wanted to add bifold doors along their third-floor balcony but agreed with the other teams that the bathrooms and closets would be the wow factors of their space. They wanted to add a fireplace in their closet, as well as a secret door to the laundry room behind it.

Bryan & Sarah were excited to tackle their space and decided to switch the main bedroom and main closet, deciding to reduce the size of their closet. With the main bathroom, they wanted to include two separate vanities and a window in the shower.

The arrival of Lyndsay & Leslie’s cold plunge pool made waves with all the teams. Page mistook the pool for a hot tub, and decided to try and one-up the twins by adding an outdoor shower instead of screening in their balcony. Keith & Evan used their $2,000 bonus from last week’s win on a bidet for their toilet and coffee station in their closet. Bryan & Sarah used theirs to upgrade their bathroom design with a chandelier.

Winner Revealed: ‘Rock the Block’ Season 5 Main Suite Redemption

Kristina arrived for the judging and noted that her “Rock the Block” teammate from season 4 Jonathan Knight was sad to miss out on judging alongside her.

First up for judging were Keith & Evan, who wowed Kristina with their natural colors and textures. She loved the size of their shower and said the room felt both inviting and luxurious, but felt there was a little too much storage in the bathroom. Kristina was blown away by the “epic” closet but felt like the fireplace was a waste of space and could have been better put in the Main Suite bedroom.

Next, Kristina went to Bryan & Sarah’s space. She liked their stone fireplace and decided to edit their floor plan. Kristina appreciated the cabinetry in the Baeumlers’ closet but dinged them for downgrading the size of their closet. The chandelier above the bathtub went over well with her, as did the digital control shower, though she wasn’t in love with the fake plants in the bathroom, noting they may not add to the home’s final appraisal.

Third for judging were Lyndsay & Leslie, whose Main bedroom made Kristina feel like she was in Bali. She noted the color of the wood inside the Main bedroom was a little off balance, and wasn’t the biggest fan of their cold plunge pool either. Kristina was wowed by the attention to detail in the twins’ closet, including the automatic lights and two-in-one washer-dryer ticked in the corner.

Kristina went to Page & Mitch’s house last. She was surprised with the bed being on a raised platform in the bedroom, and the choice to face the bed towards the water. The outdoor shower was also very warmly received. The pink countertop in the bathroom wasn’t Kristina’s favorite from an appraisal perspective, but enjoyed the rest of their bathroom. Page and Mitch’s closet was a hit with Kristina but noted that their choice of white shelves had a less “elevated” look than their competitors.

After judging, the cast gathered with Ty and Kristina for the results. Kristina shared her thoughts on each of the spaces before declaring Page & Mitch the winners of the Main Suite Redemption. They won a bonus of $3,000 to put towards next week’s renovation, and this marks their second win this season.

“Rock the Block” returns next Monday, March 25, at 9 p.m. Eastern for a “Backyard Redemption” challenge, with Brian & Mika Kleinschmidt returning as guest judges.

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