‘Rock the Block’ Season 4 Officially Wraps Filming

Rock the Block returns March 2023

HGTV / YouTube Rock the Block returns March 2023

The highly anticipated return of HGTV’s “Rock the Block” is one step closer as the fourth installment has officially wrapped filming, as multiple HGTV stars have confirmed via Instagram.

“What an amazing location for the ultimate renovation competition… but make no mistake, it was NOT easy 😮‍💨🙌🏼 I feel so lucky to work with not only the most talented, hardworking, dedicated professionals in the biz but also people I’ve known forever, who are friends and family to me 🙏🏼,” host Ty Pennington wrote in a tribute post to the six weeks of filming the “Rock the Block” team just completed in the Colorado mountains.

Fans Can’t Wait For the New Season of ‘Rock the Block’

Now that filming is wrapped, the cast is happy to have time to rest, however fans are taking no respite from trying to guess who won the show and waiting in anticipation for the March 2023 premiere date.

“Can’t wait to see the show and try to figure out who won” one fan wrote on Sarah Baeumler’s Instagram post.

“Jon I can’t wait to see how well you and Kristina have done. I am rooting for team Jon & Kristina all the way but whatever the outcome is you are both amazing and I can’t wait to see how you both design the house. I can’t wait for March 2023 to see Rock the Block Season 4,” another fan commented on Jonathan Knight’s post. Landmark Homes at Heron Lakes, who helped build the homes that the “Rock the Block” competitors had to work on in the Berthoud, Colorado area, provided a photo booth for the cast members to pose in front of at the wrap party.

Past winners Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt also took to Instagram to congratulate the contestants and tease the forthcoming season, which they say is going to be a good one.

“Been to all 4 blocks, toured all 16 homes, met all 36 competitors and trust me Season 4 will be the BIGGEST and BEST yet! 💪🏼💯, The teams not only Rocked the Block…they also Rocked my World! 🙌” Brian wrote, later clarifying in the comments section that he was referring to all 16 homes across four seasons of the series, not that that this new season would be super-sized in any way.

“I’m an HGTV fanatic and always look forward to the new stuff. Can’t wait to see the next 4 sets of designers. I’m never disappointed and I usually have a favorite,” one fan commented on Mika’s post.

‘Rock the Block’ Winners Get a Street Named After Them

The “Rock the Block” winners, whoever they may be, will receive the standard prize, having the street where the competition took place named after them. Now in our fourth season, “Rock the Block” has already been awarded this honor three times. First, Jasmine Lane had been dubbed in honor of season one’s winner Jasmine Roth, then Brian and Mika LKleinschmidt were awarded a street sign reading Kleinschmidt Way in season two, and Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson won season three, and had a street in Summerville, SC named Egypt & Mike Street in their honor.

“Rock the Block” returns to HGTV in March 2023 with an all-new season.

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