What the Scott Brothers Would Have Done if ‘Property Brothers’ Failed

Jonathan & Drew Scott

Getty Drew and Jonathan Scott pose together at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys.

For the last decade, HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott have been household names. They have had a string of successful shows, including “Property Brothers,” “Brother Vs. Brother,” and “Celebrity IOU.” During a recent interview on “The Carlos Watson” show, the Scott brothers discussed how they imagined what their careers would look like if “Property Brothers” had not found an audience when it premiered in 2011. 

The Scott Brothers Discussed What Their Careers Would Look Like if ‘Property Brothers’ Was Not Successful

While speaking to Carlos Watson, the Scott brothers shared that they have been professional entertainers from an early age. Drew noted that they both “were performing and doing acting” throughout their childhoods. 

“We started as clowns and I loved the performing but Jonathan loved the magic of it so he did more of the magic and I did more of the performing,” explained the HGTV star. 

Drew shared that he believed that he and his brother would have continued to try to be in the entertainment industry, whether or not “Property Brothers” managed to find a fan base. 

“I think if it didn’t happen, we probably would have still pursued it in a different way or gone back to our other passions,” said Drew. 

Jonathan chimed in that he believed he could have been a famous magician. 

“Maybe I’d be the next David Copperfield in Vegas, who knows,” said the famed home renovator.

He then noted that he has performed as a magician in “a full size Vegas show,” where he did several impressive tricks, such as “vanishing and appearing in the middle of the audience.” 

Jonathan & Drew Scott Revealed How They Landed a Show in 2020

Jonathan and Drew Scott spoke about how they managed to star on their own show during a 2020 joint interview on “Conan.”

“Way back in the day, we were actors as kids and we didn’t want to be struggling actors so we thought let’s get into  real estate, let’s pay for our own productions and stuff like that. So we read everything we could about real estate started a real estate company fast forward 10 years and we thought let’s make a show about this. And Drew actually got cast first,” explained Jonathan. 

He went on to say that his brother initially was hired on a show “called ‘Realtor Idol,'” which he described as “‘American Idol’ for realtors.”

“It was cancelled before it even went to air. But they found out that he had a twin brother who was awesome and they pitched us doing a show about what we were doing with clients and that became ‘Property Brothers,’” shared the 43-year-old. 

Drew then revealed that they had a relatively difficult time getting their show on the air until one television executive took interest. 

“HGTV US turned it down, HGTV Canada turned it down then there was a small network in Canada called The Women’s Network and when they were pitched the show, the executive, she literally said — these were her words verbatim, she’s like, ‘two young hot guys doing slow-motion renovations in tight jeans. We’ll take that show.’ And so we aired it and within three weeks we were the top show on the network and then we came to the US,” said Drew. 

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