Is ‘Flip or Flop’ Coming to an End?

Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack speak with prospective buyers on 'Flip or Flop.'

HGTV UK/YouTube Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack speak with prospective buyers on 'Flip or Flop.'

Flip or Flop has been a mainstay of HGTV since its debut in 2013, featuring former couple Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack flip houses in Southern California. The show persisted despite their medical emergencies and divorces, often causing the stars to make headlines for their personal lives. Still, it seems the show’s run may soon be coming to an end.

“When it comes to Flip or Flop, I’m not quite sure if it’s going to continue,” El Moussa told The List in May. “I do believe I will have a house-flipping show in some format, if it’s Flip or Flop, yes, great. If not, it might be something else.”

In November 2020, HGTV renewed Flip or Flop for an additional 15 episodes, the first of which premiered on April 29, 2021. No announcements have been made about its future beyond those episodes.

“Season by season, Flip or Flop grew into a television franchise that is an unstoppable force,” HGTV President Jane Latman said in the announcement for its 2020 renewal. “Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead are stars who appeal to a wide audience and their triumphs and challenges are real and relatable. Legions of fans continue to watch the evolution of their story to see how they handle whatever life throws at them next.”

Their appeal has spurred regional spin-offs of Flip or Flop and solo series for both El Moussa and Haack. Fans of the pair can watch El Moussa on his HGTV show Flipping 101 or his discovery+ show Tarek’s Flip Side, while Haack stars in Christina on the Coast and Christina: Stronger by Design.

The real estate agent made it clear to The List that whatever Flip or Flop’s fate, he still wants to continue working on Flipping 101. He also told the outlet, “I’m still going to continue pitching and filming new TV shows. And on top of all the TV stuff, just building my brands and my companies and enjoying life.”

El Moussa Never Expected a Career in Television

His on-screen career came as a surprise for El Moussa, who told The List, “If you would’ve told me 10 years ago this would be my life today, I would have said there’s no way.”

While speaking with The List, he opened up about the process of merging his career fields.

“I’ve always been a real estate guy. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I’ve always been an investor. But I was never a TV guy,” he explained to the publication. “That was new to me 10 years ago. Over time, just like anything in life, you get more experienced, you get better at what you’re doing. Somehow I turned into a TV host. So today, I’m an entrepreneur, real estate investor and a TV host.”

El Moussa Is Engaged to ‘Selling Sunset’ Star Heather Rae Young

After El Moussa and Haack, who share daughter Taylor and son Brayden, announced their split in 2016, Haack moved on to a short-lived marriage with Ant Anstead. El Moussa has also found love again with the star of Selling Sunset, Heather Rae Young.

According to People, the pair met on July 4, 2019 and became engaged on July 25, 2020.

According to El Moussa, Young has stepped up. He told The List, “Two years ago she became bonus mom. She’s turning into stepmom. The kids adore her. They love her. She takes care of them like they’re her own. I just couldn’t be happier. I mean, as a father, I just found the perfect person for our family.”

Next up is marriage and maybe one day a baby, but not quite yet. As Young told Us Weekly, “I don’t think I could fit one more thing into my life. And I know that if I had a baby, I would be laser-focused on the baby. It’s just not right now.”

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