Tarek El Moussa’s Mother Comments on His Wife Heather’s Mothering Skills

Tarek El Moussa

Heavy/Getty Tarek El Moussa

Mother knows best. In a March 5 comment on the Heavy on HGTV Facebook page, Tarek El Moussa’s mother Dominique El Moussa-Arnould took an opportunity to share her thoughts on daughter-in-law Heather El Moussa’s mothering skills. Heather had her and Tarek’s first child together, a son named Tristan, on January 31, 2023.

“Heather is a wonderful mom, very caring and nurturing,” Dominique wrote in her comment, “She also makes sure my son stays healthy which after two cancers and a nasty back surgery is wonderful. I am so grateful and delighted to add a new grandson in my life, ❤️”

Tarek El Moussa Health History

While Heather is able to ensure that Tarek is remaining healthy, according to Dominique, most of the health problems Tarek’s mother is referring to occurred before Tarek and Heather began dating in 2019.

In 2013, Tarek was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer while still married to his ex-wife and former “Flip or Flop” co-host, Christina Hall. At the time, Tarek had been to the doctor about the lump on his neck but was told it was not dangerous. He went for a second opinion after a registered nurse, Ryan Read, was watching “Flip or Flop” as a fan, noticed the lump, and emailed the production company to suggest Tarek seek medical advice.

Tarek later revealed that around this same time he privately battled testicular cancer as well, after looking over his medical records following the Thyroid cancer diagnosis, noticing an irregular checkup, and scheduling an ultrasound to be safe.

Four months after recovering from both cancers, Tarek revealed that he had hurt his back and required surgery to recover. During the recovery, the “Flipping El Moussas” co-host lost just over 60 pounds, dropping from 230 pounds to 168 pounds. “I lost 60 lbs., I was on Vicodin every day, my hormones are off, I’m on pain meds and narcotics and I’m filming and working,” Tarek said of this “horrifying” time in his life.

By Spring 2016, Tarek’s divorce from Hall was finalized, and two years later, in May 2018, the HGTV star re-injured his back. This time, he underwent a stem cell surgical treatment to help his body recover more quickly.

It was just over one year after this second back injury that Tarek met his now-wife Heather on July 4, 2019, announcing their relationship in August of that year.

Baby Tristan’s Potential Health Issues Were Caught Early On

Heather’s first test as a mother came during labor. The “Selling Sunset” star wrote on Instagram that her son’s heart rate was dropping very low as she pushed and that the doctors were readying themselves for an emergency C-section, however they avoided having to perform the procedure. “My doctor told me that we had to get him out right away… I pushed so hard all the blood vessels broke in my face and chest. Tarek yelled I see his head, push push push. Our baby boy came out healthy and beautiful, I was in a state of shock it was a surreal experience,” Heather wrote of the experience.

Soon after his birth, the doctors noticed that baby Tristan had “tongue tie, cheek tie, lip tie and jaundice” according to Heather in another Instagram post. These problems led to issues with lactation, Heather said, but since they were caught early on by her lactation consultant, doctors were able to perform a quick procedure to correct the problems.

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