Thea Mann, Lisa Kudrow’s Cousin: 5 Fast Facts

Lisa Kudrow on Celebrity IOU

HGTV Lisa Kudrow with Drew and Jonathan Scott on "Celebrity IOU."

Thea Mann is Lisa Kudrow’s cousin and best friend. The “Friends” actress teamed up with Drew and Jonathan Scott to surprise Mann with a condo renovation on season 3 of “Celebrity IOU.”

“Being able to do this for Thea means everything and it will be perfect for her and her fur family,” Kudrow said in a press release. “It will absolutely change her life.”

“Celebrity IOU” sees stars like Kudrow surprise important people in their lives with renovations. This season’s other celebrities include Tiffany Haddish, Anthony Anderson, Halle Berry, Snoop Dogg, Howie Mandel, John C. Reilly and Ali Wong.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Mann Is Kudrow’s Cousin & Best Friend

Mann is Kudrow’s cousin and best friend, but the “Feel Good” actress considers her to be more like a sister.

“Thea is my cousin but feels like my soul sister,” Kudrow said in a press release. “She doesn’t really ask for help—ever. And I know she needs a pet-friendly place, so this is just the best thing ever, because Thea means a lot to me.”

Mann showcased their close relationship on Instagram, revealing Kudrow helped with around-the-clock care for one of her pets.

2. Mann Has Lost Both of Her Parents

Mann lost both of her parents in recent years, according to HGTV.

She paid tribute to her late mother in an August 27, 2021, Instagram post. “Reunited wherever people find each other after living on earth,” she wrote. “RIP Mom. Love you and hope you are with Poppa.”

3. Mann Rescues Abused Animals

Mann “is selflessly committed to rescuing and adopting abused and older animals,” according to HGTV’s announcement.

According to her Instagram bio, her furry friends are “Sadie/pittie. Cats: OG/Millie and 2 foster fails – Mimi & Izzy. Too many cats but it’s ok.”

She often shares her pets on social media, quipping in May 2021 that walking her two dogs can be “exhausting.”

4. Mann Appeared in an Episode of ‘Friends’

According to SK POP, Mann appeared in the “Friends” episode, “​​The one with all the wedding dresses.” It was not her only experience with the entertainment industry, the website noted. She has a background in musical theater and has appeared in “Celebrity Name Game” and “Bounce.”

Mann has also developed a friendship with Kudrow’s costar, Courtney Cox, as documented on Instagram.

5. Mann’s Is Getting a Condo Renovation

Kudrow and the “Property Brothers” stars are renovating Mann’s condo, trying to make it more accommodating for her pets.

“The ‘Friends’ alum wishes to update Thea’s living area and outdoor patio to accentuate her eclectic taste and create a more comfortable and functional home,” according to the episode description. “Although hesitant to jump into demolition, Lisa will go all in to kick down a wall, pull up old tiles and tear out cabinet doors with Drew and Jonathan. Then, they’ll incorporate luxury vinyl flooring, performance fabric furniture and an outdoor dog run that will serve Thea and her four-legged friends for years to come.”

“Celebrity IOU” airs Mondays on HGTV.

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