PHOTOS: JWoww & Zack Carpinello Go to Disney With Her Children


Getty Jennifer "JWoww" Farley is photographed at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Jersey Shore” star Jenni “JWoww” Farley is a mother to two children, Meilani Alexandra Mathews, 7, and Greyson Valor Mathews, 5, who she shares with her ex-husband Roger Mathews. The reality star and her fiancé, Zack Clayton Carpinello, recently took her children to a Disney theme park. 

JWoww Shared Pictures From Her Family’s Trip on Instagram

On September 8, Farley shared a series of pictures from her trip to an unspecified Disney amusement park on Instagram. However, it appears that her family visited Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida. 

The first photo showed Meilani and Greyson posing on Main Street, U.S.A., with the Cinderella Castle in the background. In the following image, Farley’s children sat on a ride while wearing masks. The 7-year-old and the 5-year-old stood next to two unidentified children in the third picture. The fourth snap consisted of Greyson and his mother sitting together on the It’s a Small World ride. The fifth picture showed Farley, her children, and Carpinello, at a restaurant. In the sixth shot, which appeared to be taken at night, Greyson stood in front of the Cinderella Castle while covering his ears. The next slide showed Carpinello, Farley, and her family posing with a group of unidentified individuals. In the following shot, the MTV star and her fiancé kneeled next to her children. The seventh image featured Farley’s son and daughter standing in front of Stormtroopers. The siblings held wire baskets containing replicas of astromech droids from “Star Wars.” 

“Disney [castle emoji],” wrote Farley in the post’s caption. 

Quite a few fans flocked to the post’s comment section. 

“So fun!!! Hope y’all had a blast!! [red heart emoji],” wrote one fan. 

“Awwww!!!!! How adorable! Your kids are just way too cute!! I hope ya’ll have an awesome time!!” shared another social media user. 

“Such a beautiful family [two red heart emoji] I hope everyone enjoyed themselves [smiling face emoji],” chimed in a third commenter. 

JWoww Spoke About Her Children In January 2021

In a January 2021 video, uploaded on her YouTube channel, Farley spoke about her children. She explained that she is grateful that she was cast on “Jersey Shore,” which premiered in 2009, because it eventually led her to become a mother. 

“My kids are the result of ‘Jersey Shore’ so I am forever, ever, ever, ever thankful that I have the children that I have,” said the mother-of-two. “You know, screw the career part. I would have found my way. I don’t know what I would have done or how successful I would have been but I am forever thankful for the children that I have and the long-term relationships that I have with not only the cast members but the crew of ‘Jersey Shore.’ So, you know, they’re my family.” 

In the video, she also noted that she did regret one aspect of her time on the MTV series. 

“I believe in the butterfly effect so I don’t want to change too much because I love who I am today and where I am today but my hair season 1, girl, what is wrong with that skunk s***? My extensions, my humidity issue, everything was just going so wrong, so, so wrong. And I wish I could have just warned myself season 1, like girl, this show is going to be something, so get it together. Look like you shower, something,” said Farley. 

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