Justin Bieber With ‘No Tats’: Watch His Tattoos Disappear in This Video

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber recently removed all of his tattoos temporarily for the music video for his latest single, “Anyone.” The song premiered on New Year’s Eve, following Bieber’s concert livestream with T Mobile. In the music video, Bieber is a boxer in love with a longtime girlfriend. He’s also notably free of his many tattoos.

Bieber shared a video of his tattoo “removal” to Instagram after the video premiered, showing just how much work went into his temporary tattoo disappearance.

The video shows that Bieber’s tattoos were “removed” by painstaking makeup work, with multiple artists working to slowly cover his sixty-plus tattoos with small brushes. You can watch the video below.

LOOK: Bieber’s Tattoos Disappear With the Help of Multiple Makeup Artists

In Bieber’s video for “Anyone,” he’s shirtless for virtually the entire song. He’s also tat-less, thanks to the work of these makeup artists, as seen in the video above.

Bieber has over sixty tattoos as of October 2020. His body artwork ranges from multiple crosses of different sizes and shape, to a huge tattoo of a lion on one of his pectorals, as well as the word “Purpose,” which was the title of one of his recent albums.

He has his mother’s birth year inked onto his collarbone in Roman numerals, the word “forgive” on his wrist, a large bear on the pectoral opposite the lion tattoo, and more. Bieber recently confirmed to Ellen Degeneres that he plans to tattoo faces of his wife, Hailey, and future children onto his back, when the time comes.

Zoey Deutch Starred Alongside Bieber in the ‘Anyone’ Music Video

Bieber’s video for “Anyone” features actress Zoey Deutch as his co-star and love interest. In the video, Bieber and Deutch appear to be living in an earlier decade. Bieber trains towards a boxing match, and viewers watch him move through a Rocky Balboa-reminiscent montage, of training, drinking raw eggs, and weighing in for the match.

Of the video, Deutch shared a clip to her Instagram story, writing, “thanks for having me…love this song so much”

Bieber and his wife, Hailey, have also shared their love for the song on their respective social media channels. He even shared a photo of he and Hailey walking away while he was in costume for the video, though fans didn’t know it at the time.

Bieber’s video has been watched over 11 million times, as of January 2. Some fans are speculating that a new album is on its way, but he hasn’t confirmed that. Following his concert livestream on New Year’s Eve, Bieber shared a message of hope and gratitude to his Instagram page.

He wrote, “Couldn’t be more honored to stand beside so many incredible people tonight thank you to all of you put on this incredible show tonight my heart is full of hope for 2021”


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